How to login to Finmail Mailbox?

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To login to your Finmail Mailbox, please take steps below:


  1. Open Finmail :: Welcome to Finmail
  2. Fill in your Username and Password. The Username can be either the full email address (for example “[email protected]”), or only the username part of the email address (for example “myname”)
  3. Click “LOGIN”. If you have enabled 2FA verification, you will be redirected to the 2-Factor Authentication page. Please fill in the real-time 2FA code then click LOGIN.
  4. You are now logged in!

External Email Client (Outlook, Outlook Mobile, Apple Mail, etc.)

  1. Open external email client. If the account has been configured, usually you will login automatically. Otherwise, please refer to How to connect to Finmail Mailbox from external email clients to add your Finmail email account to your external email client.
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