Organizing Email Messages

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The email view’s folder list displays all available folders for sorting emails, whether for temporary or permanent storage. Folder management can be accessed in the settings section, allowing you to freely set the hierarchy of the folder tree.

Folders with Special Functions

Certain folders have specific purposes designated by the system for organizing messages. These folders are marked with unique icons in the list and typically cannot be deleted or renamed.


This folder is where newly received messages are stored.


While composing messages, you can temporarily save them as drafts. These messages are stored in the Drafts folder and can be accessed for further editing.


By default, a copy of every message you send to others will be saved in this folder.


Spam and junk messages are moved to this folder. Depending on the email server’s settings, junk messages may be automatically removed after a designated period. The junk folder can also be manually emptied using the “Empty” command in the Folder actions menu.


Deleted messages are moved to this folder instead of being immediately erased. Depending on the email server’s settings, trashed messages may be automatically removed after a designated period. The trash folder can also be manually emptied using the “Empty” command in the Folder actions menu.

The assignment of special folders can be modified in Preferences > Special Folders.

Moving Messages to Folders

To file messages into specific folders, simply click and drag a message from the list and drop it into the desired folder. This action also works for selecting and moving multiple messages.

If the target folder is a subfolder and currently not visible, hover the mouse over the parent folder while dragging, and it will automatically expand after two seconds. Move the mouse over the folder list footer to scroll until the target folder becomes visible.

Copying instead of Moving

Instead of moving a message, there is also the option to copy it into another folder. While dragging one or multiple messages onto the destination folder, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard to open a menu where you can choose to either Move or Copy the messages.

Moving from the Message View Screen

When reading a message in the full message view screen, you’ll find a drop-down menu in the toolbar labeled “Move to…”. Select a folder from that menu, and the message will be moved there. The message view screen will then load the next message in the list of the current folder.

Using the Archive Feature

In Finmail webmail, a button labeled “Archive” will appear in the toolbar for email tasks. This button allows you to move selected message(s) to the archive folder with a single click.

You can configure how the archive folder is organized and divided into subfolders by date, sender, or originating folder. You can configure in the Preferences > Special Folders settings.

Deleting Messages

To delete selected message(s) from the current folder, click the Delete icon in the toolbar or press the <Del> (or <Backspace> on Mac) key on your keyboard. By default, the message will be moved to the Trash folder and not immediately deleted, unless you perform this action on messages already in the Trash folder. To immediately delete a message, press the Shift key on your keyboard while clicking the Delete button or pressing <Del>.

There is a preference in Settings > Preferences > Server Settings where you can change the default behavior for message deletion.

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