Putting Digital currency to work and predominance

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected] The use of digital currency has gained an undoubtedly ground in so many places, restaurants, e-commerce sites, countries, companies and even supermarkets. The apparent use of digital currency is clear to the welfare and goodness it is offering to its users. Putting digital currencies to work is taking places […]

Brave web browser and crypto rewards

To offer added browser selection and security, developers designed the Brave web browser. Designed to mend the “broken web”, brave has not only proved to promote privacy and security to web surfers but it has some incentive’s feature that promotes a win-win situation to both users and publishers. But there is more to that.

Was Bitspark another blockchain-based bubble?

When it comes to adopting blockchain applications, there is usually a cultural lag in many societies. It took several years for millions of people to start using the internet and its various services. However, it appears blockchain adoption may take a similar root, with some countries catching up perhaps decades from now.

Difference between digital money and virtual money and what they offer

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected] We are living in a time where technology is having a huge impact on our day-to-day life as our entire life is being dominated by digital dealings. This is visible in many aspects of our life. It has brought changes which we cannot deny or refuse to accept as […]

Can hyperledger surpass bitcoins?

Launched in 2017 by the Linux foundation, hyper ledger has been gaining momentum, perhaps more that bitcoin blockchain. What is it that could be making hyperledger more appealing than its predecessor?

Are smart contracts really smart or not?

A smart contract is a term familiar with blockchain technology. It sounds futuristic, exciting, and promising. The term was coined by a computer scientist in the 1990s even before the advent of blockchain as we know it today. It is simply a computer protocol, some lines of code that automatically execute a specified action, like releasing a payment, when certain conditions are fulfilled. But are smart contracts in their current form really smart?

Is it possible for blockchain to disrupt global cross-border repayments?

By Kelvin Boateng. [email protected] Blockchain is certainly an emerging as well as futuristic method that can be merely described as a decentralized technique. Blockchain technology is a peer to peer without the participation of the 3rd party. However, what does it suggest? Is Blockchain completely secured? Blockchain is acquiring nearly all the fields and reshaping […]

Blockchain Smart Contract For Social Security Service

To prevent ineffective social support, the government needs to create a traceable system for monitoring the social security transaction. This feature is where Blockchain can be used as a support system to ensure every citizen can get their social support. Here are the analyses on how it could implement.

5 ways Blockchain Technology will become future of internet

Blockchain is immovable, decentralized – the ability to fully manage every action, task, and day-to-day connection. This shows that we can eliminate expert judges and undermine the trust of third person. In this way, every business, administration, and non-profit movement is countered.

How blockchain has influence the way people made money back in the past.

With money and in the pass, you were to work very hard to make so much money or to get paid. If you don’t respond or perform well to your job description, you were sacked. But today, that concept and mindset has been changed greatly thanks to blockchain technology.