What makes blockchain more robust?

In the previous article entitled “Blockchain technology, a culmination of old technologies” we discussed two old technologies on which blockchain is built. These are cryptography and distributed systems. In this article, we move a step further to discuss additional features that have made blockchain what it is today.

Blockchain and the stock exchange

If after hours trading refers to the case of trading, what’s stopping financial institutions from enabling after hours trading online today?

Suitable business models to leverage blockchain

When the internet became widely adopted, it was clear that many companies were going to adopt it. Today, almost all companies, learning institutions and government agencies have adopted the internet and benefit from its services. Can the same be said of blockchain?

Pitfalls of proof of stake consensus part 1

Aside from addressing many bottlenecks associated with proof of work, proof of stake is not without its flaws. For instance, it seem to have introduced its own problems such as the “Rich getting richer”, liquidity issues and the possibility of one changing the history of the block chain.

How Africa can immensely benefit from blockchain technology (part 3)

In this article, we will discuss how Africa can still benefit in other areas such as credible voting.

How blockchain threatens traditional third parties (part 2)

In addition to part 1, this article will focus on some other third party based payment systems and how their existence could be threatened because of the unrelenting conquest launched by block chain.

Are Public and Private blockchains rivals?

The corporate business world is filled with rival private and public entities conducting similar business undertakings. This article examines the major differences that set these apart and discuss how these compliment each other rather than setting them up as competitors.

How powerful is blockchain disintermediation effect?

Disintermediation is the ability to remove intermediaries in financial transactions to save costs. Blockchain has however demonstrated that intermediaries can be done away with effectively, if not at a lesser cost than is attainable today.

Blockchain applications in real estate

Malicious attackers, poor record-keeping, government corruption and natural disasters have made land management and real estate management a real challenge. How is the blockchain technology being applied to solve some of these problems?

High profile dapps on Ethereum. Are they for you? (Part 2)

In this article, we will consider another high profile Dapp known as Digix. Digix, unlike Augur, tokenizes Gold on the ethereum network. How did this initiative develop, and how may you get involved?