Is blockchain a natural evolution?

The debate as to whether the rise and adoption of blockchain is a natural evolution or a consequence of revolution will be around for some time to come. While others contend that it is a revolution, others strongly feel that it is an evolution because change is inevitable.

The Bitcoin philosophy – success from previous failures

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] They say there is no breakthrough success without frustrating failure. That is very true with the success of Bitcoin. Bitcoin immerged as the first successful cryptocurrency after many attempts by other forerunners who made early attempts. The success of bitcoins paved way for many more altcoins to emerge, thanks to Bitcoin […]

Blockchain indexing ‚Äď a marvelous feat!

The graph has immerged as that blockchain ‚Äúsearch engine‚ÄĚ equivalent to google… it is a protocol developed to specifically index and make queries on blockchain data. As a blockchain user, you have much to explore and learn about the Graph.

Ethereum blockchain and the plight of retirees worldwide

t is not uncommon to read the following headlines in some national and private newspapers: ‚ÄúRetirees protest over unpaid retirement‚ÄĚ. This article will discuss how the Ethereum blockchain can solve some of these endemic problems.

How powerful is blockchain disintermediation effect?

Disintermediation is the ability to remove intermediaries in financial transactions to save costs. Blockchain has however demonstrated that intermediaries can be done away with effectively, if not at a lesser cost than is attainable today.

Proof of work and desire for decentralization

Although proof of work protocol had served the blockchain community faithfully since its inception with bitcoin, its inability to scale and its support for centralization were some of the identified weaknesses. How is the proof of work protocol perceived as supporting centralization?

High profile dapps on Ethereum. Are they for you? (Part 2)

In this article, we will consider another high profile Dapp known as Digix. Digix, unlike Augur, tokenizes Gold on the ethereum network. How did this initiative develop, and how may you get involved?

Likely barriers to blockchain adoption in developing countries

While the developed countries easily adopt these technologies easily because of their educated populace and advanced infrastructure, the developing countries have their own challenges that make them either delay or forego the adoption. This article will highlight the most likely barriers developing countries will likely face in adopting blockchain.

Increasing Ethereum companies – A sign of world wide acceptance?

Much like any other technological development, the crypto space has seen an explosion in the number of companies that have sprang up to directly or indirectly support the ecosystem.

Bitcoin merchanics – key generation best practices

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] Depending on your level of involvement in the Bitcoin ecosystem, you surely should have either a hot or a cold wallet to conduct transactions. Sending and receiving bitcoins into your wallet requires that you generate a private key were you will receive the bitcoins. Recall that, to successfully transact, you need […]