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Since its launch on November 1, 2020, Finmail Mailbox now has more than 140,000 registered users.

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To prevent abuse, the account cleanup action is completed. For more details please refer to the news at

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To avoid confusion, please note that the following email addresses belong to our team:​

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[email protected] (Mainly for user support)

[email protected] (Mainly for abuse handling)​

Emails from all other addresses are not from us. If you receive an email with a forged identity and/or content from another address, please do not trust it. You are welcome to report abuse to [email protected] or [email protected]​. To help us verify the abuse activity, please also attach the received abuse message to the report, or forward it directly to us.

In addition, if you have received an email requesting Apple/Amazon/Google gift cards, please be aware that in most cases, this is a fraud/scam message. For more details, please refer to the knowledge base article “Recently I received an email requesting Apple/Amazon/Google Gift Cards. Is it a fraud/scam?

If an address has suspicious abuse/spam activities, it may be locked without prior notice.

Cuisine Travel by Finmail

Cameroon – Kokono Soup With Plantains

by Joella Eve Kokono soup with plantains has a special entity in that it talks about the history of the Kokono people which is a village that talks of the people that believe so much in their tradition. The cooking of this meal is like a form of initiation the new born adults in the ...
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Cameroon – Ayostos Fufu With Canda Soup

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy Ayostos fufu with canda soup is a meal having the taste of groundnut paste that has been grinded. This means that the taste is like one of groundnut that has been fried then grinded to give it a brown paste. This is exactly how Ayostos fufu with canda soup is ...
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Cameroon – Legumes With Rice and Chicken

by Djougwa Kouemo Patricia Today’s local cuisine, Legumes with rice and chicken is a local cuisine that is made of three different sectors of food so as to become one. We have sector of vegetables, then flour and thirdly meat. The three joined together gives an outstanding taste to this special plate of food. When ...
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Filipino – Tapsilog

by Hina Alam ABOUT THE DISH The Philippine cuisine is one of the best cuisines allover the world. From its wide range of spicy dishes to the desserts they are all absolute classics with a deep history which goes way back centuries. Just like those dishes this dish is also an absolute classic. Tapsilog is ...
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Filipino – Pancit Guisado

by Hina Alam BOUT THE DISH Pancit Guisado is an Filipino noodle dish. It is made by using a special noodle called bihon which is cooked with chicken pieces, shrimps , some vegetables and soya sauce. These are all cooked together and give an incredible flavor which is loved by everyone. The words Pancit and Guisado have a different ...
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Egypt – Bissara

by Anaa Rajpoot Bissara is a food which consists of beans and looks like mashed potatoes. It is actually a National dish of North Africa and consists of beans-type ingredients like peas. ALTERNATIVE NAMES BessaraBesarahTamaraktTabissarttalkhcha AFRICAN CUISINE Africa means food, travel, jungle, loneliness, and adventure. But there is also an unusual variety of mysterious continental ...
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Cameroon – Yam Tubers With Green Vegetable Leaves

by Joella Eve Yam tubers with green vegetable leaves is a common meal in Cameroon. It is a common meal in that it tells the story of a people that live by Divine Instructions, tilting the soil. Having yam tubers is not a small job. It starts from the planting to the cooking. Yam tubers ...
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Switzerland – Cheese Fondue

by Umer Butt ABOUT THE DISH Cheese Fondue is an Swiss classic dish which is melted cheese inside of an communal pot, or fondue pot. This communal pot is like an traditional feature of this dish. This dish goes way back 5-6 centuries and has a big place in the Swiss history. Fondue is used ...
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Italy – Bruschetta

by Umer Butt ABOUT THE DISH The Italian cuisine is filled with dishes which require only the basic local ingredients to make and the flavor these dishes give in return is just mind blowing. Mostly these dishes are served as starters before the main course as these dishes sparks an excitement within the diner for ...
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Korea – Gopchang Gui (곱창구이)

by Evelyn Brutz Gui is known to be the GRILL ITEM. Anything grill over the girl pan, over the smoked barbeque, is placed in the Gui Category of the Korean cuisine. Grill items can be meat, vegetables, organs of animals, Seafood, lentils, rice, etc. Gopchang is the grill dish of the Large and Small intestine ...
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