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Since its launch on November 1, 2020, Finmail Mailbox now has more than 20,000 registered users. On January 7, 2021, “ro**” became the 10,000th user. To celebrate this breakthrough, 200 USDT has been awarded to the user’s Finmail account. We also thank you for your support!

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Emails from all other addresses are not from us. If you receive an email with a forged identity and/or content from another address, please do not trust it. You are welcome to report abuse to or​

If an address has suspicious abuse/spam activities, it may be locked without prior notice.

Cuisine Travel by Finmail

Turkey – Traditional Lahmacun (Flatbread with meat and paste)

By Fariha saeed About the dish Lahmacun is a thin flatbread that has a yummy paste (sauce) and meat on top of it. In Turkey, this is called ''TURKISH PIZZA''. Usually, it has beef or lamb. This is the most appetizing dish in Turkey. It is very famous in Istanbul. People enjoy this at Sunday ...
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JAPAN – Tempura Shrimp Recipe

by Zayna Khan Tempura is actually a dish mainly made from seafood, any meat like chicken, mutton, and even vegetables. It is a crispy layer outside and inside anything you want, preferably, seafood is used to make this tempura. The batter is made from plain flour, salt, and stuff. Then the meat is dipped into ...
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Myanmar – Mont Di

by Fauzan Anandika Human in different countries has their definition for beauty, like the Padaung race in Myanmar that is known for their long neck. The women citizens use metal rings on their necks to make it longer. The ring firstly braces at the age of 5 and add continuously during their life. The rings ...
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Indonesia – Gangan Paliat

by Fauzan Anandika South Borneo has become one of the world’s lungs with its vast forest. Various kind of trees and animal lives in this region. South Borneo’s capital city, Banjarmasin, has a similar geographic condition to Amsterdam they are located a few centimeters below the sea surface. Banjarmasin is divide by the Martapura River ...
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Hong Kong (China) – Miniature Wife Cakes

by Ananya Fatima Introduction This cake named " WIFE CAKE " you can also think that this is especially for wives, but not. These cakes are special for everyone, their taste is so so delicious so everyone in Hong Kong named them as a wife dish because they used these cakes as a gift for ...
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Malaysia – Oyster Omelette

by Ananya Fatima Introduction Oyster Omelette is the best omelette to eat in Malaysia, you can't even imagine its taste, its taste is out of the world. The oyster omelette is the crunchy spicy omelette that is filled with vegetables and spices and cheese. We all know that cheese is the most famous and tastiest ...
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Nigeria – Efo Riro

by Mimi Joseph Efo Riro is a Yoruba tribe term meaning "stirring green leaves", ego stands for "to stir" and Riro stands for "green leaves". Edo shook and Ego tete are the widely used greens for the recipe. Yoruba tribe is found in Nigeria. Nigeria is a west African country sharing land borders with the ...
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Rwanda – Sardine Roast (Dagaa)

by Alkased Mamim Such a tasty yummy dish from Tutsi people, Sardine roast is all people favorite, especially when you speak about lake sardines. In Rwanda we have rivers that provide at large these sardines, others are modern sardine fishing as well as imports from Tanzania and Burundi. Rwanda is a country in east Africa ...
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Cameroon – Yambassa Cow Leg With Hot Pepper

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy Yambassa cow leg is a family festival that deals in the strengthening of the legs and the feet of the newly born baby in a hard world that demands stability and strength. This is the reason why the child’s legs are been strengthened and fortified so as not to succomb ...
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Cameroon – Cooking Monje Cabbage in the Mbassa Way With Boiled Ripe Plantains

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy Cooking is actually an art which is not given to anyone or anybody anyhow. It is to those who merit it. Cabbage being cooked by the Mbassa has the taste of fried onions. It is so soft and very sweat in the mouth. In Cameroon, the Mbassas are generally known ...
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FINMAIL, a sub-brand of Securechain ApS

FINMAIL is a sub-brand of Securechain ApS, a Denmark company headquartered in Copenhagen. The company was founded in 2018, but the initial activities including blockchain development and community communications can be tracked back to 2015.​

With the mission of “Secure efficient social collaboration”, FINMAIL products and services are committed to the integration of traditional information network and emerging value networks. Today there are 2 solutions: The Finmail Work solution enables people to work anywhere and, the Finmail payment solution enables people to receive payment anytime.