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Cuisine Travel by Finmail

Laos – Or Lam Gai

by Fauzan Anandika Buddhism become the oldest religion in Southeast Asia and influence most of the ancient kingdom. The Buddha teachings are shown in the temple, tradition, and ceremony in Southeast Asia countries. Laos, where their people follow the Buddha teaching, has many Buddhist festivals. One of the festivals is Wat Simeuang. A seven days ...
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Indonesia – Aunu Senebre

by Fauzan Anandika Southeast Asia becomes one of the greatest places for diving since it consists of many beautiful islands. One of the diving spots in Raja Ampat located in West Papua of Indonesia. The name of Raja Ampat comes from a local myth. It said that there was a woman who found seven eggs ...
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China – Kung pao Chicken

by Ananya Fatima Introduction Kung pao Chicken is the spiciest combination of fried chicken which is crunchy from outside and soft from inside. Mouthwatering pieces of crunchy chicken is so delicious so you can not regret to eat this whenever you eat, but you have to eat this with slimy sauce which is most famous ...
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Laos – Khao Jee Sandwich

by Ananya Fatima Introduction The sandwich is a love of every one according to me it is an evergreen sandwich, every one like it at tea time or may be at morning in breakfast or in the evening, we can say that this must be the best adorable sandwich you ever met. I think it ...
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Nigeria – Garri

by Mimi Joseph In Nigeria, Garri will sound every on the cereals market. It is a very potential, loved and valued flour, due to the products it gives. It originates from Yoruba people of Ijebu origin in the country. Nigeria is a country located in the west part of Africa. It shares border with Benin, Cameroon, ...
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Sierra Leone – Fish balls

by Bob Huyu Krio is an ethnic tribe found in Sierra Leone country which is located in the west Africa. Sierra Leone is bordered by Guinea in the north and east, on the south by Liberia, and Atlantic ocean on the west. In Sierra Leone, Mende is the largest tribe in the country, but our ...
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Cameroon – Jollof rice

by Verdzekov Bernard There are so many ways of preparing food. I have once written about Jollof rice. This is a very simple cuisine that is valued and enjoyed by many around the world. In some of my Articles which I wrote about jollof rice in particular, I even mentioned that cooks compare amongst themselves ...
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Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Fish Kabab

by Rubina Shaheen Introduction Enjoy your fish in the winter season is the most enjoyable thing. Everyone on every occasion in winter likes to eat fish at any cost. There are many special fish shops famous in Pakistan. Some of the people like fish fry, fish tikka, fish masala, fish curry, and fish pakora as ...
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Pakistan – Spicy Chicken Samosa

by Dahiza Umar INTRODUCTION TO THE DISH This is a type of snack, loved by the people of Pakistan. Specifically, this dish is from the region Punjab of Pakistan. The use of ingredients spices like cumin, herbs, coriander, butter is very common in Punjab. This dish is very popular served as an evening snack or ...
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Pakistan, India – Vegetable Pakora (Spiced Fritters With Vegetables)

by Usama Tariq Introduction Pakora also called pakoda or ponako is a snack served by street vendors. The word pakora is an Urdu word that means fritter in English. It is a batter-fried dish with some variations in it like you can make it with potatoes, with onions, cauliflower, spinach, etc. it has many variations ...
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FINMAIL is a sub-brand of Securechain ApS, a Denmark company headquartered in Copenhagen. The company was founded in 2018, but the initial activities including blockchain development and community communications can be tracked back to 2015.​

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