Blockchain Smart Contract For Social Security Service

To prevent ineffective social support, the government needs to create a traceable system for monitoring the social security transaction. This feature is where Blockchain can be used as a support system to ensure every citizen can get their social support. Here are the analyses on how it could implement.

Smart Farming System With Blockchain

Blockchain technology could trace farm products to create a reliable supply chain that could ensure food availability in a nation or restaurant inventory. Implementing blockchain becomes a hope to increase farmer welfare while controlling product price at the customer level.

How Blockchain Technology Help Handicraft Market

The creative industry becomes a significant part of this millennium economy. In the creative industry, blockchain plays a role in creating efficient material and product distribution.

Can Blockchain Technology Help Dropshipper?

Drop shippers need a real-time supplier inventory. A decentralized database using blockchain makes every supplier connected to all your supply chain. Every time there is an updated product, it will become easy to trace.

How Blockchain Secure Cloud Storage

The main reason why businesses use blockchain is that blockchain could create a complete record, that craft in its chain that shows every data movement that happens. The data record is shared with all the stakeholders within a close loop network.

How Blockchain Surpass SWIFT Code in Providing International Transaction

When we talk about international money transfer, there a new technology to do it with better security, cheaper cost, and easy tracking, something called Blockchain. There is 3 factor that enables blockchain technology to do better than bank institution in money transfer across the country.

How Blockchain Our Personal Identity

There is a way to prevent identity stealing activity. One of them is by using a blockchain in form submitting. Using blockchain, a user will get irreversible data as the identity to replace their data. There are some reasons why blockchain technology can prevent personal identity thievery.

How Blockchain Create Smart Medical Ecosystem

In these modern days, with blockchain technology, medical records can easily be distributed. With its feature, blockchain technology can give control to the patient on their medical records. There are reasons why medical treatment needs to use blockchain technology.

Food Expansion Using Ethereum Network

To create a dish, preparing fresh ingredients is a must. The challenging part is to manage ingredients shipment that comes from many places and need to ship fast and accurately. This condition is when blockchain technology needs to help by using blockchain, especially the Ethereum network, the shipment process can be controlled and monitored using its smart contract.

How CBDC Protect Investor from Fraudulence

To gain benefit from cryptocurrency investment trends while keep maintaining the risk, the government in several countries start to create their cryptocurrency. Know as Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a digital form of a national fiat currency claimed by the central bank.