Address Directories and Contact Groups

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The leftmost pane presents a list of address directories and contact groups within each directory. Depending on the server configuration and installed plugins, there may be multiple directories, but there is always at least one directory containing personal contacts.

Contact groups are useful for organizing contacts and can be selected when composing an email message to automatically include all group members as recipients. Groups will also appear in the auto-completion list when typing in the recipient field. A contact can be assigned to multiple groups.

To view the contacts within a directory or group, click on the directory or group in the list. The currently selected directory or group will be highlighted.

Creating a Contact Group

To create a new contact group, first select the desired directory where the group will be created. Then, use the “Add group” menu item in the gear icon in the header of the groups list to open an input field for the group name. Enter a unique name for the new group and press “Enter” to create it.

The creation process can be cancelled by pressing the “Esc” key while entering the group name.

Assigning Contacts to Groups

Contacts can be assigned to groups by simply dragging and dropping them with the mouse. Select one or multiple contacts in the list, and drop them onto the desired group.

Removing Contacts from a Group

List mode:

  1. Select the group in the list on the left.
  2. Select the contacts to be removed from the group.
  3. Click the “Delete” button in the contact details header.


  1. ‚ÄčSelect‚Ä謆‚Äča‚Ä謆‚Äčcontact‚Ä謆‚Äčin‚Ä謆‚Äčthe‚Ä謆‚Äčcontacts‚Ä謆‚Äčlist.
  2. ‚ÄčSwitch‚Ä謆‚Äčto‚Ä謆‚Äčthe‚Ä謆‚Äč”Groups”‚Ä謆‚Äčtab‚Ä謆‚Äčin‚Ä謆‚Äčthe‚Ä謆‚Äč”Contact‚Ä謆‚ÄčDetails”‚Ä謆‚Äčarea‚Ä謆‚Äčon‚Ä謆‚Äčthe‚Ä謆‚Äčright.
  3. ‚ÄčUncheck‚Ä謆‚Äčthe‚Ä謆‚Äčdesired‚Ä謆‚Äčgroup(s)‚Ä謆‚Äčto‚Ä謆‚Äčremove‚Ä謆‚Äčthe‚Ä謆‚Äčcontact‚Ä謆‚Äčfrom.

Additional Actions

In the header of the groups list, the gear icon provides a menu with actions related to the selected directory or group.

Rename Group

This action is only available when a contact group is selected in the list. It allows you to enter a new name for the group.

Delete Group

Deletes the selected group from the list. Note that the contacts assigned to that group will not be deleted.

Save Search

If you have performed an address book search, this option allows you to save it as a filter for later use.

Delete Search

This action is only available when a saved search is selected in the list. It deletes the selected search filter.

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