Blockchain design – the 5 perspectives to consider.

There are many types of blockchain designs and each is built on any of the five pillars we will discuss in this article. However, we hasten to state that there could be something already being developed that will surpass current knowledge.

Bitcoin VS Ethereum – The major differences

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] Ethereum and Bitcoin are the two most popular blockchain platforms in the world today, but have two different goals. In a way, Bitcoin is referred to as the ‚Äúgold standard‚ÄĚ of blockchain. Although it is a well-known fact the founders of bitcoin are unknown as opposed to the founders of Ethereum, […]

Why Cook County adopted blockchain as a solution

Cook County is one of the most populous counties in the US with a population of about 5 million. However, it had many challenges in terms of real estate management. In 2017, it embarked on a vicious project to adopt blockchain to manage its real estates. However, what were some of the main reasons? Can other states and countries worldwide learn from it?

Hyper ledge, a unique permissioned ledger.

As an open source hosted by the Linux foundation, hyperledger cuts across many industries. Unlike bitcoins, it is actually more enterprise focused than any other similar platform. Nevertheless, just how unique is hyperledger?

Digital signature schemes – How they work?

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] All cryptocurrency users have two types of digital signatures. These are private and public keys. Recall that both messages and transactions are sent over the Bitcoin network pseudonymously and trustlessly. This is achieved partly through the use of digital signatures. Transactions contained in previous blocks of the blockchain are tamper-proof, meaning […]

Blockchain and tollgate fee management

Tollgates around the world are used as revenue collection points from motorists on behalf of the government. The idea is to prioritize road repair and maintenance without waiting for government budgets. How blockchain can help improve present system works?

Blockchain is not a magic bullet for all applications. (Part 2)

In part one, we stated that blockchain is not the answer or magic bullet for any challenge or problem. This article considers three more.

How powerful is blockchain disintermediation effect?

Disintermediation is the ability to remove intermediaries in financial transactions to save costs. Blockchain has however demonstrated that intermediaries can be done away with effectively, if not at a lesser cost than is attainable today.

The blockchain what is it? (part 1)

The hype is here, the tone is set and the technology is just passing through its infancy into its young adulthood and eventual maturity. At that time we envision blockchain becoming as popular and well understood as the internet is today. Like the internet though, many people were outright skeptical, others optimistic and another group who totally avoided it due to lack of accurate knowledge or merely cultural barriers.

Bitcoin & Blockchain communities

Bitcoin and Blockchain history have proved to be a story of rapid transformation. After initial scandals in the industry, the fledging technology emerged and rose in value to attract the attention of JP Morgan Chase and the mushrooming of reputable companies that support the ecosystem.