Validating transactions in crypto space

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] The absence of a central control master in cryptocurrencies creates the question of who validates transactions when making or receiving payments. This article explains how Bitcoin transactions and other cryptocurrencies are validated. Let us begin with the traditional banking transaction scenario. The client‚Äôs fund is aggregated into one count. When a […]

A smart contract in simple language

The blockchain technology has introduced many terminologies. Common terminologies associated with this include blockchain itself, micropayments, digital currency, and cryptocurrency, halving bitcoins, trust protocols and smart contracts. If you are new to blockchain technology, surely you have a lot to learn. This article will look at smart contracts in simple terms.

Blockchain application in the insurance industry

The insurance market is one of the largest and dynamic industries. It is one industry where quick decisions need to be made based on real and authentic data as well an industry fraught with fraud, inefficiency and unprocessed claims amounting to billions of dollars. How will blockchain technology help such an industry?

MakerDAO, a decentralized finance or Defi application. is it for you?

Decentralized finance has immerged as an offshoot from the blockchain. Decentralized finance was probably unknown when bitcoin was first launched. However, it has become prominent with the surge of Ethereum network. What is it all about and is it one of those crypto “circuits” you can explore?

The blockchain – what it is not (part 1)

In parts one and two of “blockchain – what it is”, we discussed why the tech design of blockchain has enabled it to be adaptable for worldwide use and adoption. Unlike the internet, blockchain is all about resource and asset management as opposed to information sharing and determination. But is blockchain infallible? What is it not?

Types of cryptocurrencies

There are three types of cryptocurrencies, namely the self-organizing cryptocurrency, the corporate cryptocurrency and state-based cryptocurrency. This article will highlight some significant differences between them.

How Africa can immensely benefit from blockchain technology (part 3)

In this article, we will discuss how Africa can still benefit in other areas such as credible voting.

Can public blockchain be permissioned?

We often refer to the public blockchain when discussing bitcoin, Ethereum and other related platforms. Can public blockchain be used for permissioned solutions? Can public blockchain be permissioned?

Blockchain and tollgate fee management

Tollgates around the world are used as revenue collection points from motorists on behalf of the government. The idea is to prioritize road repair and maintenance without waiting for government budgets. How blockchain can help improve present system works?

Was Bitspark another blockchain-based bubble?

When it comes to adopting blockchain applications, there is usually a cultural lag in many societies. It took several years for millions of people to start using the internet and its various services. However, it appears blockchain adoption may take a similar root, with some countries catching up perhaps decades from now.