How smart contracts enhanced blockchain autonomy

Autonomy in blockchain has always been its focus. When the etherium blockchain introduced the use of smart contracts, it became apparent that autonomy on the blockchain was poised for a wider spectrum. How so?

Getting Bitcoins the easy way

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] To deal with Bitcoins successfully, you need to understand what a wallet is and what wallet mechanisms are in place. There is a lot happening in this sector that may leave many confused. A certain amount of level headedness is required to minimize this especially for those awakening to the demands […]

Blockchain applications in real estate

Malicious attackers, poor record-keeping, government corruption and natural disasters have made land management and real estate management a real challenge. How is the blockchain technology being applied to solve some of these problems?

Was Bitspark another blockchain-based bubble?

When it comes to adopting blockchain applications, there is usually a cultural lag in many societies. It took several years for millions of people to start using the internet and its various services. However, it appears blockchain adoption may take a similar root, with some countries catching up perhaps decades from now.

Brave web browser and crypto rewards

To offer added browser selection and security, developers designed the Brave web browser. Designed to mend the “broken web”, brave has not only proved to promote privacy and security to web surfers but it has some incentive’s feature that promotes a win-win situation to both users and publishers. But there is more to that.

Types of Bitcoin wallets

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] There are many forms of crypto wallets but basically, they are categorized into two groups as either hot or cold. Hot Wallets Hot wallets are online based but the difference lies in the method of access. Smartphone Apps Some examples of hot wallets are smartphone apps such as Mycelium and AirBitz. […]

Mimblewimble in blockchain, at what price?

In plain language, mimblewimble refers to the tongue-tying curse that binds the target’s tongue to keep them from talking about a specific topic or subject. In short, it is a term to define some level of privacy that need to be kept.

Blockchain application and the financial industry

When bitcoin was invented, it had clear goals of eliminating the controlling financial authorities over personal funds. It aimed to eliminate banks and other financial institutions and give power back to the owners. However, when enterprise blockchain became popularized, blockchain found fertile soils for easy incorporation into its genetic code. Diverse applications resulted.

ICO – a new fundraising innovation

Initial Coin Offerings – ICOs are proving to be among the best fundraising options for huge blockchain projects. Some companies have raised huge amounts of investment capital beyond expectation. But what makes ICOs more innovative than the traditional venture capital? How does this mode of raising capital motivate open source projects?

What is Initial Coin Offerings – ICO

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, initial coin offering has become a buzz word, if not a household name for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Other cryptocurrency hobbyists simply wonder what it is all about. This article will briefly explain what ICO is and why you may be the next interesting beneficiary.