Online payment system made easier through cryptocurrency

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected]

Cryptocurrency is something which we couldn’t imagine happening in the 21 century as it comes at a time when the world is plagued by different crisis such as climatic changes, economic crisis, political crisis, social crisis with each affecting the stability of the world in its own way. Can we say the world is leading to its own demise? Certainly not.

The focal point here is the economic crisis touching all nations, the developed as the developing and the underdeveloped. Due to this crisis, different solutions has sprung up like ways of payments, transferring money be it online or offline with the aim of reducing exchange and transfer fees. Some have lived up to the task, others not. We cannot neglect the efforts done by these solutions, though they had their own limitations despite the fact that they have done their own part trying to bring solutions to what’s happening in the world at the moment. Due to this, the world has known something else, unique which is known as cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency uses cryptography in order to make online transactions such as payments easier and safer no matter the amount of money used in the transaction with generally low exchange rates and transfer fees. Cryptocurrency is really unique as once you have apprehended how to use it. It operates in different forms, though with the aim rendering financial life simple and accessible to all, thereby breaking all financial barriers which have existed before through other online payment systems.

Yes, cryptocurrency is much easier than other online payment systems. In most cases, you can simply go ahead and click the link in order to confirm the transaction is correct. More so, it is opened to everyone. When using your smartphone, QR codes is used to confirm the transaction.

Cryptocurrency breaks all created and made boundaries, as it has no limitations since it is controlled by nobody nor any world government like the World Bank. Cryptocurrency has made online payments easier and safer which is not the case at time with online payment systems.

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