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Mining pools what they are?

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] Due to the potentially higher costs related to the mining of bitcoins, mining pools were born. Just what are they and what are some pros and cons? Before we explain mining pools, let us briefly explain the types of bitcoin miners. Bear in mind that types of miners are different from […]

Is the world in search of a new financial breath?

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected] Editor note: Title has been slightly updated It is no hiding that the world‚Äôs economy is in a very critical position and situation with everyone trying to bring out a solution in order to seldom these critical situations that are handicapping and making life really difficult for everyone in […]

Levelling of digital currencies to all users worldwide

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected] This might sound surprising, but the fact is there digital currency is amazing and very nice to use, whether you use it for a private a public reason. It remains very outstanding as a source of digital currency. The interesting fact about this type of currency in particularly the […]

Bloackchain adaption in Africa

Africa is a continent with more than 50 countries. There are some institution that has branched far to Africa and they try to give an implement with bloackchain system, among them are betting and trading platforms.

Illegal poaching, how can blockchain help?

With so many use case coming up for a lot more scenarios, this article endeavours to speculate how blockchain can be used in the near future to help fight poaching and natural resource depletion especially in African countries that seem to be at the receiving end of these illegal activities.

The value of the blockchain technology on alcohol beverage enterprise based on a blockchain verification system.

Due to social distancing being imposed everywhere in all milieux, one has to adapt and manage to get out the best of what is available. The blockchain technology is really a blessing to mankind during these moments of uncertainty. In order to speed up regulations, distributions, logistics, instead of relying on a paper based work verification, the need was there to shift to a blockchain based verification system.

Putting Digital currency to work and predominance

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected] The use of digital currency has gained an undoubtedly ground in so many places, restaurants, e-commerce sites, countries, companies and even supermarkets. The apparent use of digital currency is clear to the welfare and goodness it is offering to its users. Putting digital currencies to work is taking places […]

Bitcoin for the change

BTC will change the world. I believe so. So many people will benefit from it nationwide when they all accept to use it as well. We will both cry and be happy at same time.

The Past and Btc

I see BTC moving down the trend of the past. The stress of understanding and managing is very complex and the fact that its risk are high too make it very frightful to venture in.

Likely barriers to blockchain adoption in developing countries

While the developed countries easily adopt these technologies easily because of their educated populace and advanced infrastructure, the developing countries have their own challenges that make them either delay or forego the adoption. This article will highlight the most likely barriers developing countries will likely face in adopting blockchain.