Implications of blockchain design models PoW (Part 2)

In part 1, we discussed the implications of using generic and public or private design models on blockchain operations. In part two, we will further discuss the implications of using a chosen consensus algorithm on the operations of a blockchain platform.

ICOs, possible drawbacks

Every technological breakthrough certainly has its own drawbacks. This is the case with ICOs. How do ICOs compare with venture capital fundraising? This article will consider two possible ways.

The invention of Bitcoin & Worldwide acceptance

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] With B-Money, HashCash and DigiCash having laid the foundation as bitcoin Predecessors, Bitcoin was set to do what no other cryptocurrency before it had ventured to do; create an anonymous, trustless, decentralized currency. Instead of putting trust in any human or human organization, the bitcoin protocol was set to attempt putting […]

Bitcoin wallets

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] There are different types of Bitcoin users, from the very basic user to the most advanced users. It is very important for users to understand at what level they are involved in the cryptocurrency space in order to derive the most benefits from the system. It‚Äôs all about knowing how the […]

Likely barriers to blockchain adoption in developed countries

An earlier article looked at the most likely obstacles developing countries are most likely to contend with in adopting blockchain technology in their businesses and government operations. However, this does not mean that all developed countries will easily adopt blockchain as it becomes available.

Internet of things (IoT) and the blockchain

Many IoT systems have a single point of failure. Once that single point of failure is attacked, the whole system becomes compromised. Can blockchain turn the tables?

Hyper ledge, a unique permissioned ledger.

As an open source hosted by the Linux foundation, hyperledger cuts across many industries. Unlike bitcoins, it is actually more enterprise focused than any other similar platform. Nevertheless, just how unique is hyperledger?

How blockchain will surpass certified labels

Millions of individuals have suffered allergic reaction after consuming products bought from some chain stores. How will the adoption and implementation of blockchain helps?

Increasing Ethereum companies – A sign of world wide acceptance?

Much like any other technological development, the crypto space has seen an explosion in the number of companies that have sprang up to directly or indirectly support the ecosystem.

The Bitcoin bubble and altcoins

The crypto space has seen an increase in alternative Cryptocurrencies besides the Bitcoin. Why was the phrase ‚ÄúBitcoin bubble‚ÄĚ coined? What are altcoins and what value do they bring to the ever widening crypto space?