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Why we need decentralized systems

The coming of blockchain and bitcoins have amplified decentralization as never before. While there are assertions that decentralization has given advantages to the ‚Äúbad guys‚ÄĚ to carry out their evil schemes, there is very good reasons to believe that decentralization is what we need as a society in this era.

Turnpikes and blockchain, a way to decentralization.

In most cases, an appointed road agency collects funds on behalf of the government. However, some government have been reported to use these funds for political campaigns, personal projects and in some cases, the cash disappears in thin air. How can blockchain decentralize and streamline the use of these funds in a transparent manner?

Will Cryptocurrencies democratize everything?

The well-known immediate effect of cryptocurrencies in our world today has been its decentralization of finances sector. However, could this successful decentralization of some financial transactions lead to more decentralization or democratization of other spheres of day-to-day life?

Can blockchain change african “democracies”?

Unlike most advanced economies and systems, Africa lurks far behind in many areas. Few countries really appreciate and trust democratic systems in African countries. This article will discuss the unique challenges faced by many African states and how blockchain may finally overcome some of these challenges.

Are smart contracts really smart or not?

A smart contract is a term familiar with blockchain technology. It sounds futuristic, exciting, and promising. The term was coined by a computer scientist in the 1990s even before the advent of blockchain as we know it today. It is simply a computer protocol, some lines of code that automatically execute a specified action, like releasing a payment, when certain conditions are fulfilled. But are smart contracts in their current form really smart?