How Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have influenced the Internet…

With the introduction of Bitcoin, that has really increased the traffic with the internet. Many have benefited from Bitcoin others have lost to and the number isn’t small. But the funny thing about all this that, this rich scheme model, most world richest are still skeptic about it.

How crypto boomed in times of corona virus

Most people accept crypto currency during this Covid19 epidemic. do you want to know why? Because you could make money and at same stay save from the virus, just ordering from delivery companies with amazon inclusive, thus making the Man more money.

Saving information with blockchain tech.

Blockchain technology has made it possible for information to be save. With the blockchain, information could be kept save and for a very long period of time without being interrupted or destroyed. Not only for money transactions, not only for coins, but for a general-purpose including saving information.

Flaws of Blockchain

When we look at present currency and how it is being manage, the introduction of bitcoin and other currencies will just alter that chain of the normal currency and it is going to be more difficult to price goods or allocated goods with prices.

The need for Money in relation to crypto currency

The chances of you venturing into crypto currency not knowing anything, but relying on those who have succeeded to succeed, are very slim.

What if Satoshi Nakamoto leaves on?

Yes, this is a fundamental question. If he leaves on and is observing all that is happening like the Ethereum owner, this means this guy are capable of shutting down the whole system if things are not getting right for them.

How crypto boomed in times of corona virus (series 2)

For Blochian technology, detailing and storing of information for a perfect sure security has increased too. Hardly could anyone believe that fully.

Bitcoin for the change

BTC will change the world. I believe so. So many people will benefit from it nationwide when they all accept to use it as well. We will both cry and be happy at same time.