How blockchain has influence the way people made money back in the past.

by Verdzekov Bernard

The only way someone was able to earn money back in the past was by working hard. At the beginning, you may need to work very hard, so towards the end, you work less. That is when you getting old. But you needed to continue working if you wanted to continue making money. But for BTC or the block world you just need to buy your coins, trade, buy or sell and you make money. 

With the introduction of blockchain technology, many people have resulted to making easy money. This has been seen in BTC and other currencies, as well as trading activities.  This however has changed the whole concept of working hard before becoming rich or wealthy. Many people don’t even need to go through all the hard work and stress before becoming rich this day. Many have become their own bosses. 

This issue however has helped in the economy to an extent. Back in the day, many of our parents and four fathers some which have died even, considered themselves rich when they have a family, a home, food and when they are old and retired. Today, many young people are very rich and are still making so much money, when they are not even married or having a permanent house to leave. The wealth is too much thanks to blockchain technology. The trading activities most youths venture in today has made them rich. They may trade stocks, currencies or coins. This trading activities are very volatile and may make very poor as well. This goes with saying that, you need to take risk to join the rich. 

The value of gold in the world market may be rising due to some factors. This may be same for BTC, oil Etc. and after your studies and believe, you know this rise will continue. This may prompt you to take the decision to “buy”. When you buy and there is still continues rise in whatever you bought, you make gain. That is same thing with when there is a fall or when you observe there may be a fall, there you sell, so as to prevent losses. It is this “simple” but “complicated” task that has made so many youths very rich today. 

How is this compared to money? With money and in the pass, you were to work very hard to make so much money or to get paid. If you don’t work you go hungry and your family goes hungry. During this time also, the streets are usually very full and busy with people moving up and down from one job to another. Many people made themselves boss to control others who were considered workers. If you don’t respond or perform well to your job description, you were sacked. 

But today, that concept and mindset has been changed greatly thanks to blockchain technology.

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