Bitcoin for the change

by Verdzekov Bernard

Editor note: The views on trading are controversial

BTC will change the world. I believe so. So many people will benefit from it nationwide when they all accept to use it as well. We will both cry and be happy at same time. At list for the basics which is the rice and fall in coins. There will be moments when the price of a single coin will rise, at this point we all talking about it and we all glad. There will be times when there will be a drop and maybe a drastic drop, that will be better because the pain has been spread amongst thousands which even better if you were suffering from this alone. This could only happen if we all accept bitcoin and all of us are ready to make those sacrifices.

If there was a possibility to monitor illegal transaction and make the system more user friendly, I think bitcoin will be the best company. Many have died transacting illegally because of Bitcoin. If the founder could regulate this, then that will be perfect. But instead I still look it as, if bitcoin is made traceable, then the hype about it will die.

The banks and many other financial institutions have felt the loss of customers. Many have become their own private banks just with their phones. With bitcoin, you don’t need to cry about charges and the long duration needed to wire money. You could send bitcoin to another person in another country within a short period of time, let us say minutes. But with money, despite the fact that some of their transactions take a very long period of times, they also deduct a lot of charges. Not only the sending charges, but also the deduct money from your card for the Visa or master card and also for securing money. Those are rather unnecessary charges and that Is why many have switched from banking their money in banks, but rather, have switched to blockchain Technology with bitcoin being their main and mother currency.

When people give value to something, or when they turn to value something, automatically, if that thing has a price, that price changes to high. The value of that thing rises and that thing turns to have power.

The aspect of working and coming home late has changed over the years since the introduction of bitcoin. So many people, thousands have turn to accomplish their dreams since they started dealing with bitcoin. People buying homes and cars, travelling to beautiful cities and touristic site, living their best lives because of bitcoin. This guy may be buying and selling the coin and other could be trading. That makes them rich with little outings since they work mainly from home. Isn’t this great.

Th government could limit the money citizens should have, withdraw through the banks. For example, the government wants to limit arms circulation during crises or strike. They may just inform the banks to cut of money supplies to the citizen, living them desperate. But with Bitcoin, or digital currency, there is no such thing like that. People could transaction at whatever they want, what ever quantity they want because the money they have is digital and could be transferred to any person. With bitcoin, you are your bank, you are your client and you are responsible for anything that happens to your money. Thanks to bitcoin.

The introduction of bitcoin has also limited the rate at which people transacted with counterfeit around the world. Giving banks less stress to deal with fake money.

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