Entries by Verdzekov Bernard

Tunisia – Gnaouia Stew

Today, I am about to write on another cuisine valued most by Tunisians, but eating by nearly all Africans. This Tunisian stew is made from Okras, and can be prepared with chicken, lamb or beef.

Nigeria – Owoh Soup

Those interested in opening restaurants, I will tell you here and out of experience, apart from the white man’s decision on whether not to consume African meals, the meals are delicious and costly in areas of scarcity. Today, I will write about a delicious Nigerian delicacy that is worth practicing and adopting as a main dish in your home. The dish is called Owoh.

Ghana – Waakye

Ghana Ghana Ghana. Land of many cuisines. The meal I am about to write is usually very difficult for you to see in a Ghanaian home. It is usually prepared and served in Ghanaian restaurant rather than prepared at home.

Nigeria – Abacha and Ugba

This meal am about to write on is also called African salad. From its out look, someone will think it is salad. Abacha is prepared from casava. it is cooked well first, then grated and then sun dried. Abacha is a meal prepared and valued by the Nigerians, mainly by those from the eastern part of Nigeria.

Ghana – Shito

Looking at the name shito, or how it sounds when pronounced seems funny. But this name means, chilli. This is one of the languages spoken in the region of Accra the capital of Ghana.

Nigeria – Ofe Akwu

Palm nut soup also known as Ofe Akwu is a delicious African delicacy made from creamy extract got from pulverized palm nut fruit. In Africa, and Nigeria to be précised, the women must know how to cook.