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Zambia – Nshima

A cuisine is a traditional cooking habit. Nshima is one of the cuisines, Zambians consider as real food. It is heavy and made up of a combination of other spicy delicacies.

Nigeria – Ofe Achara

They say, Ofe Achara is the most traditional way of preparing Egusi soup in Nigeria. This has a traditional name called Mgbam. This means molded Egusi. And it is said, the Egusi is not just any type of molded Egusi.

Cameroon – Banga-Rice

We could use Palm kennel in so many cooking process. In it is the kennel. In my country, it is called banga. Today, after reading this article on local cuisine, you will know how to prepare Banga Rice.

Nigerian – Isi Ewu

One of most Popular Nigerian cuisine is about to be known. The cuisine is valued and eating by every Nigerian. It is so delicious and made up of so many spicy ingredients. In Nigeria, most high-class restaurants prepare this particular cuisine.

Senegal – Chicken Yassa

Chicken Yassa can be prepared with chicken, lamb or fish. But chicken is best. People in Senegal prefer chicken because it is common. In Senegal, you could see people raring chickens in their open yards.

Zimbabwe – Muboora

when it concerns food or what goes down into our system, we should however be very discipline and careful about it. Less fat, less sugar Etc. Pumpkin leaves help generate more blood in the system. It is very nutritional when prepared.

Ghana – Waakye

Ghana Ghana Ghana. Land of many cuisines. The meal I am about to write is usually very difficult for you to see in a Ghanaian home. It is usually prepared and served in Ghanaian restaurant rather than prepared at home.

South Africa – Chakalaka

In South Africa, normally they have their cultures and tradition they look up to. Chakalaka like most African dishes is very spicy and delicious. If this is your first time to know about Chakalaka, you should know is delicious and could be eating for a family gathering or reunion.