Entries by Verdzekov Bernard

Cameroon – Easy Spicy Rice

It is basically just rice, one of the most available food in my country. Rice has been used to feed thousands of people and it is still used today. For most occasions and donations, you will see rice being served as main dish.

Tanzania – Chips Mayai

Chips Mayai is a very popular dish in Tanzania. This is a very common dish in Tanzania and other parts of Africa like Cameroon. In Cameroon, this is a very popular dish and it could be seen made on the streets every day for breakfast. But in Tanzania and other African countries like Cameroon, they add more value to it.

Cameroon, Balkans – Moussaka

This is another simple cuisine but may be complicated for some people who have never tried preparing it. The cuisine I am about to write about below is Moussaka. This is a dish common to the Greek people or rather the Balkans of the east region. I prepared this dish here in Cameroon and I know how delicious it is.

Nigeria – Ofe Akwu

Palm nut soup also known as Ofe Akwu is a delicious African delicacy made from creamy extract got from pulverized palm nut fruit. In Africa, and Nigeria to be précised, the women must know how to cook.

Cameroon – Pizza

Have you an oven, or a gas cooker with an oven, then I think you can make your own home base Pizza. There are many Pizza joins around the world. In my country alone, I can’t count, talk less of the western world.