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Kenya – Ndizi ya Kisii

Like I wrote in my past article on Banana cake, here is a meal that it is cooked with plantains. This is a plant that grows banana’s which is eating as fruit and plantains that is cooked or roasted before it is eaten.

Cameroon – Spicy Peanut Sauce

This sauce is mainly served as a catalyst. It is produced from creamy peanut butter. This creamy peanut butter can stay in the fridge for as long as you want, but when you want to use it, remove from the fridge 20-25 min before use.

Nigeria – Achicha Ede

Achicha Ede is a typical Igbo meal. This meal is prepared by the locals and the entire Nigeria. When you look at Achicha Ede, it looks like scrambled eggs because of the nature and appearance after preparing it.

Nigeria – Owoh Soup

Those interested in opening restaurants, I will tell you here and out of experience, apart from the white man’s decision on whether not to consume African meals, the meals are delicious and costly in areas of scarcity. Today, I will write about a delicious Nigerian delicacy that is worth practicing and adopting as a main dish in your home. The dish is called Owoh.

Nigeria – Agidi Jollof

This sound like rice, but It is not. This is another Nigerian delicacy valued and prepared by the Nigerians. This meal is spectacular in nature because, it takes the combination of several ingredients you could hardly think of to come up with it.

Senegal – Chicken Yassa

Chicken Yassa can be prepared with chicken, lamb or fish. But chicken is best. People in Senegal prefer chicken because it is common. In Senegal, you could see people raring chickens in their open yards.

Ghana – Mpotor Mpotor

Mpotor mpotor is a Ghanaian cuisine, though also common in Cameroon. In Cameroon, there is no special name prescribed for this cuisine. We just call it mashed yams, or mashed potatoes.