How crypto boomed in times of corona virus (series 2)

For Blochian technology, detailing and storing of information for a perfect sure security has increased too. Hardly could anyone believe that fully.

Just still about Bitcoin… Don’t be ignorant…

Many people lack patience. They envy the lifestyle of those who took risk way back before being where they are now. The cars, houses and many other luxury investments those people have. You coming in now into the block world, you will be expecting immediate results. But I will say “sorry”, that’s not the case. You need to be patient too.

Saving information with blockchain tech.

Blockchain technology has made it possible for information to be save. With the blockchain, information could be kept save and for a very long period of time without being interrupted or destroyed. Not only for money transactions, not only for coins, but for a general-purpose including saving information.

Blockchain without minerals

There are people that extract the gold and diamond, if they were giving but just the chance for trading the diamond and gold, they may not do well and vice.

Real-life experience in the blockchain world

By Verdzekov Bernard. [email protected] I thought I could keep this to myself, but wants to read on a real-life experience and also it is good for people around the world who will read this, to be aware of the things go on around the world. Base on real life fact, and personal experience, I […]

Making money with BTC and some of its myths.

Putting all mentioned into consideration, I feel the whole idea about BTC was to benefit a particular class of people. When you look at the rate of 1BTC now, you will see that, or understand that, if you do not invest with huge sums of money, then you will be relegated at the back and benefit just from pennies. Why not cling to the old currency.

BTC Wallet

When you are ready to join the blockchain, there are some simple steps you will take. If it was made possible for people’s ID to be known, that will make the chain secured and peoples confident to transact using the blockchain to be made wide.

Flaws of Blockchain

When we look at present currency and how it is being manage, the introduction of bitcoin and other currencies will just alter that chain of the normal currency and it is going to be more difficult to price goods or allocated goods with prices.