Evolution of Bitcoin.

by Verdzekov Bernard

Bitcoin today is making name more than ever. Everywhere on the streets in my country ‚Äúwe accept bitcoin‚ÄĚ as a means of payment wow. I couldn‚Äôt believe this will spread so fast. With what bitcoin has done to some people, some are stories that when you hear of it may discourage you. But on the other side, some people are excellent in it. Many have exceled in it. Some have understood the concept and are excelling in it. In Cameroon, where I come from, in some retail shops, they accept bitcoin as a legal and legit means of payment. 

On the streets, they are so many people that will buy your coins and return you cash. A friend of mind went to the club, and after about 3hrs there, he ran short of cash. It was very late already. No ATM around. He didn‚Äôt have the means to have money to continue clubbing. What happen was he had bitcoin in his phone. He contacted a friend who had not slept yet. He was lucky thou. He made a proposal for that friend to buy his coins. He sold some of his coins and money was send to him via mobile money. 

Here in Cameroon, we have MTN network, Orange network, Camtel and Nextel network. Amongst this network, MTN and orange offers customers the ability to keep their money in their sim cards. This is called Mobile money. With this, customers could send and receive money in any place in Cameroon and so many other countries in Africa and even Europe. Also, it Is possible to cash it out. 

My friend sent bitcoin and money was sent to him via mobile money and he was able to go on with clubbing.  

With people moving on the streets of Cameroon and helping people exchange bitcoin for money, others accepting as a means of payment all this happening in a developing country. Talk less of the developed world. This tells us that, in more years to come, bitcoin will overthrow normal pepper currency. There are so many people with bitcoin wallets in their phone and are having bitcoin even. They turn to use this bitcoin as backup in terms of emergency, purchase of goods or in flex zones like clubs and bars. Isn’t this positive?

With evolution and advancement in development, we will come to realize more positive thing bitcoin has to offer. 

There is no need for you to move with huge sums of money anymore. Sometimes, when so much money is kept in the bank by an individual, he is monitored and sometimes the bank starts demanding you present your source of income. why don‚Äôt you just convert your cash into bitcoin, and keep in your bitcoin wallet where it is going to be access by just you with no questions asked. This is the society in which we leave in now. Young entrepreneurs becoming rich and sometimes prove of income is not seen because some carry out trading. When they trade and make profits, they could convert this cash into bitcoin and store in their bitcoin wallet and they could cash it out and use when so ever they want. They could still pay directly without even cashing out. 

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