Government Planning with relation to blockchain and real estate

By Verdzekov Bernard

Government planning with relation to blockchain and real estate is simple or rather very clear to be understood. Most articles are related more to real life because It mashes our needs and too because it has proven helpful. 

Town planning is an essential government task that the government tries as much as possible to maintain. If not for immediate use, then, for the future. But bearing in mind that they had been following a good plan which the only updated. However, securing the information for this task is very fundamental because they won‚Äôt want to destroy a legacy. Most people could be wondering why the government follows a particular procedure in building and issuing land. 

Some will wonder how organized a particular town is, when they travel into a new town. Tourist can speak best about this part. It is a lot of work going through all that, and so securing the information is very important. This generation will enjoy and pass it on to the next. Innovation could come in, but the beauty in organizing it will be maintaining. With blockchain, this information could be kept save. 

Never forget, town planning goes down to pollical, economic and political. 

The explained point above has a lot to mash up with what will be said in this paragraph. If the government doesn’t plan the city well, there will be a lot of disorder and mismanagement towards the use of land, construction and cultivation. Remember, a real estate has to have first land then maybe property consisting that land, including natural resources that are on that land. The government makes it possible to secure this land and even if they sell, they sell to those that will make good use of it. The government makes it possible for all this secured in the blockchain, including details of land they sold out, the people’s names, their residents, the amount the bought the land with maybe buildings on it already. I think this is just to name a few because there is definitely more info that is writing and secured with blockchain.

When we look at town planning with relation to technological development, this is very glairing before our eyes as we see what Elon Musk is doing with the car industry. This is as a result of good town planning. This has made him to be able to build Tesla to what it is today. Apart from battery use, Elon Musk made the car robotic too. With how developed and well planned the city is, that has made him built the robotic futures easily that drives the car without any human assistance. All this is managed well and kept saved in the blockchain for future maintenance and development. Many industries and not only Tesla are also benefiting from good town planning.

Other countries could follow suit as well as other car manufacturing industries. 

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