Saving information with blockchain tech.

by Verdzekov Bernard

Blockchain en entreprise : le guide ultime pour tout comprendre - ZDNet

Blockchain technology has made it possible for information to be save. Unlike in the past, many people have lost information writing on papers due to bad ink or old paper or decay. The writing of information on papers has been reduced and even when writers write now, poet etc. they could still save the information online with blockchain technology.

Because of that a lot of information has been kept save and many orders secured. Information is very valuable. And this goes through all domains of life. That is why people go to school to study, many attend educative concert, some move from one place to another in search of information. Imaging the struggle, imagine the difficulty, imagine the pain most people go through, imagine the risk. Astronauts that tried going to space and didn‚Äôt succeed because they were on a quest for information of how outer space looks like. This has affected their families. They are in books now as legends but they are dead as a result of searching for information. People risk a lot in search of information.

Another example, and which is very glaring is the coming of ‚Äúwhites‚ÄĚ to Africa. They came to see what leaved in Africa if not humans like them. Some of them in this journey got the information and couldn‚Äôt return, because of diseases and tribal wars that led to the dead of most of them. Why all this? INFORMATION. It is with information that you get to have the knowledge about a particular thing. Come to think of it that, after gathering all of this information, the information if lost, stolen, or mishandled, that will be devastating. 

We should look at the direction of science; Mathematical equations, Biology, chemistry and many more. Very necessary the information needs to be kept save. Doctorial theories (in human operations and many more geared towards saving lives, that is information, that is after the successful research and experiment carried out, if the information is mishandle a lot will be lost including life. 

Books have stood the test of time in preserving information. They are still use to preserve information now. But something new has come in. Something new, Something digital. The game changer. Something reliable. Blockchain. With the blockchain, information could be kept save and for a very long period of time without being interrupted or destroyed. Not only for money transactions, not only for coins, but for a general-purpose including saving information. Those who are still to be born, and those that will be born even after, in many years to come, they will come see the authors, they will come to know the brains behind certain technological advances which they will be benefiting from. Blockchain technology is

the new game and it will remain in the game for a very long time.

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