Entries by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Cameroon – Thong Fish Sauce With Sweat Potatoes

Thong fish sauve with sweat potatoes is a meal coming from the fish type called thong, reason why it is being called thong fish sauce with sweat potatoes. The main reason behind this meal is because the fish is not fried but instead boiled. Boiling the fish is not hard, reason why inhabitants of Sanaga love it since it is being cooked using fire wood and not a modern gas cooker. Sanaga is a locality in Central and Littoral region of Cameroon, bothered by the River Sanaga.

Cameroon – Viande Pimenté à la Tomate

iande pimenté à la tomate is a local dish highly dense in the form of hotness. This dish is often cooked during specialties like enjoyment parties where there will continuous flow of alcohol from evening to dawn. Viande pimenté is a food movement taking place in Metropolitan cities, particularly Douala and Yaounde, where there is high state of living and enjoyment.

Cameroon – Ngwelle White Yams With White Beans

Ngwelle white yams with white beans talks of the hospitality the Ngwelles are known for. It is a very hospitable area and one of the ways visitors are being received is through a meal of White yams with white beans. It is very dear to heart for a Ngwelle man tp receive you in this manner. Ngwelle white yams with white beans is a meal found in Ngwelleland in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Mets de Viande

Have you ever eaten raw cocoa in its first state. If it is not yet the case, you have the possibility of doing with Mets de viande. Mets de viande is a traditional meal eaten due to its taste like cocoa in its raw state, that is in its first state. Coocoa is highly cultivated in this part of the country.