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Cameroon – Red Pepper Food With Ripe Plantains

Red pepper food is a meal prepared after a particular event like the over drinking of alcohol. This practice generally takes place on Sundays at 2:00 PM after a meeting ceremony, better known as njangui. Red pepper food with ripe plantains is a meal from the local cuisine of the Northern part of Cameroon spreading to other regions, notably the Center region and the West region.

Cameroon – Tatinan Food Mixture

Tatinan food mixture is a food containing all other forms of food, joined to become one and for it to bear the name Tatinan food mixture. Eating a balanced food nowadays has become luxury, as most people enjoy eating processed food or canned food. Tatinan food mixture is an original food mixture coming from the Ndian plateau in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Pork Leg Sauce Sauter

Pork leg sauce sauter is a local cuisine cooked for the strengthening of the bones. It is not actually an initiation but there are some beliefs that you must first go a series of process for the first time you are eating the Pork leg sauce sauter. The dish is having its origins in the Western region of Cameroon, precisely Banu in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Sauce Pistache With Pork

Sauce pistache is a meal cooked during hot ceremonies like traditional mariages in the French part of Cameroon. Among the sauces being cooked or prepared, this one is the most important one on the long list of meals being prepared. Sauce pistache is being cooked by the Nyalla people in the center region of Cameroon.