Entries by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Cameroon – Thong Fish Sauce With Sweat Potatoes

Thong fish sauve with sweat potatoes is a meal coming from the fish type called thong, reason why it is being called thong fish sauce with sweat potatoes. The main reason behind this meal is because the fish is not fried but instead boiled. Boiling the fish is not hard, reason why inhabitants of Sanaga love it since it is being cooked using fire wood and not a modern gas cooker. Sanaga is a locality in Central and Littoral region of Cameroon, bothered by the River Sanaga.

Cameroon – Ayostos Fufu With Canda Soup

Ayostos fufu with canda soup is a meal having the taste of groundnut paste that has been grinded. This food is not quite a popular food due to the appearance it has, whereas the taste is different from what many people think about it. Ayostos fufu with canda soup is a meal from the Boroso in East of Cameroon.

Cameroon – Tatinan Food Mixture

Tatinan food mixture is a food containing all other forms of food, joined to become one and for it to bear the name Tatinan food mixture. Eating a balanced food nowadays has become luxury, as most people enjoy eating processed food or canned food. Tatinan food mixture is an original food mixture coming from the Ndian plateau in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Boiled Eggs With Jinje Stew

Boiled eggs with jinje stew is a food that is being prepared for events concerning the invitations of people. It is a food mixture that talks of the culture of Bamendja’s, a rich village land in agricultural environment. Bamendja is a village locality found in the grassfields of Cameroon.