Entries by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Cameroon – Sauce Pistache With Pork

Sauce pistache is a meal cooked during hot ceremonies like traditional mariages in the French part of Cameroon. Among the sauces being cooked or prepared, this one is the most important one on the long list of meals being prepared. Sauce pistache is being cooked by the Nyalla people in the center region of Cameroon.

Cameroon – Crayfish Stew

Crayfish Stew is a local cuisine that is being prepared in beaches during party times. This dish is a meal that brings more adrenaline to individuals that feast around the beach. Crayfish stew is being prepared at the surrounding of coastal areas, better known as beaches in Limbe and Kribi in Cameroon.

Cameroon РViande Pimenté à la Tomate

iande pimenté à la tomate is a local dish highly dense in the form of hotness. This dish is often cooked during specialties like enjoyment parties where there will continuous flow of alcohol from evening to dawn. Viande pimenté is a food movement taking place in Metropolitan cities, particularly Douala and Yaounde, where there is high state of living and enjoyment.

Cameroon – Kwikwi Red Soup With Waterfufu

Kwikwi red soup with waterfufu is a delicious meal cooked by the Mamfe inhabitants. The food is being cooked by inhabitants for its richness in mineral resources and also in starch especially the red oil. The local cuisine permitting us to travel is taking us to the Mamfe locality. A locality situated in the SouthWest region of Cameroon, made up of hills and valleys, giving the impression that Mamfe is found in a basin.