Cryptocurrency industry – A personal experience

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected]

Editor note from Finmail: The title is slightly updated to reflect the content.

I woke up to the world of cryptocurrency in 2016, at the time when Bitcoins were gaining momentum and its market value was increasing. Out of sheer curiosity, I jumped into the band wagon, with no clue to where it was heading to. However, I was determined to strike a fortune that would see me become a billionaire in no time. Little did I realize that it was one of the business opportunities with the greatest risks?

To position myself for a good harvest, I decided to research and read widely about what it was all about. Slowly, with my background as a computer science teacher, I began to grasp the concept to reasonable understanding. To deepen my knowledge, I enrolled on some reputable online platforms to study crypto currencies in a way that left a lasting impression.

Then came the investment curve. I was not surprised that the Internet was already saturated with so many online platforms offering investment opportunities. As a newbie in this area, I knew I needed to be cautious but somehow I was in a hurry.

I opened two cryptocurrency wallets, the first on and, these two sites helped me understand how to create private keys, send and receive Bitcoin and how to exchange Bitcoin with fiat currencies. I used the same platforms to experiment with cryptocurrency investments.

I was swindled! I lost close to $550 in total. I invested in a number of bogus online Ponzi and mere criminal websites. For example, I invested $200 in an online company that claimed to have been involved in Bitcoin mining. There was a promise of $5 earning every day for 30 days. I also invested $250 in another company that claimed to be involved in cloud mining with a promise of earning 3 times profits for one year even if I did not fully understand what it meant. I also invested $100 in another company that promised 55% huge returns from a mining pool.

In all these investments, I only earned $25 from the company that had paid $5 per day for 5 days. However, the investor had another opportunity to reinvest whatever had been earned to maximize on profits. I reinvested, and the website was closed two days later. The other two investments never paid a penny. I had two friends who suffered the same fate. Lessons had been learned.

Just a month ago, I found Finmail. I wasn’t so sure what to expect but I decided to give it a try. With the little knowledge I have in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, I realized it was another opportunity for me to earn online through writing articles. Finmail is different because you have to work to get paid in cryptocurrency. I wrote my first solution and I was paid promptly. I wrote a second, and a third and I noticed a pattern of trust. I finally realized that Finmail is one unique online platform were honest hard work is rewarded in cryptocurrency; Ether or USDT, which has a stable equivalent value of 1 USD.

Finally, my efforts have paid out. Thanks to Finmail for its ingenious solution of integrating an email service with a crypto wallet. My experience here cannot be compared with what I went through in my earlier investments. If you are new to Finmail, you will find this solution innovative and simple at best.

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