Blockchain application and the health industry

The medical industry is one of the largest industries in the world with billions of clients. The fact that every citizen needs it means it is one industry with the potential to make billions of dollars. Every country has its own unique challenges when it comes to handling medical services for its citizens. However, one common challenge is data availability and privacy of that data. Is blockchain finally the answer to that dual necessity?

Digital signature schemes – How they work?

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] All cryptocurrency users have two types of digital signatures. These are private and public keys. Recall that both messages and transactions are sent over the Bitcoin network pseudonymously and trustlessly. This is achieved partly through the use of digital signatures. Transactions contained in previous blocks of the blockchain are tamper-proof, meaning […]

Fundamental comparison between Ethereum and Hyperledger (part 1)

The fundamental design models between Ethereum and hyper ledger brings out similarities and differences worth noting. This article will point out fundamental comparisons and why users need to take note of them.

How secure is blockchain?

With so many cyber-attacks launched against conventional Information systems around the world, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars, many have wondered how secure blockchain really is. This article will provide some insight into how blockchain is designed and secured at the same time.

Mining pools what they are?

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] Due to the potentially higher costs related to the mining of bitcoins, mining pools were born. Just what are they and what are some pros and cons? Before we explain mining pools, let us briefly explain the types of bitcoin miners. Bear in mind that types of miners are different from […]

Increasing Ethereum companies – A sign of world wide acceptance?

Much like any other technological development, the crypto space has seen an explosion in the number of companies that have sprang up to directly or indirectly support the ecosystem.

Why blockchain will appeal to sensitive consumers

Sensitive users will now be able to purchase any time with a clear conscious because they will have known everything about the product before purchasing it. Indeed, when fully-fledged, sensitive users will find block chain more appealing.

Blockchain and scholarship awards

n some developing countries, the award of scholarships to needy sections of society is not done transparently and fairly. How can blockchain be applied in such situations to bring fairness and transparency in the whole selection and award process?

ICOs, possible drawbacks

Every technological breakthrough certainly has its own drawbacks. This is the case with ICOs. How do ICOs compare with venture capital fundraising? This article will consider two possible ways.

Possible effects of blockchain on world business enterprises.

With Blockchain gaining more and more momentum and adaptations across different platform, it appears the technology is just heating up and is yet to reach its climax in ita transformative wave across businesses. This article endeavours to speculate on the possible effects Blockchain will have on businesses in general.