Brave web browser and crypto rewards

By Lumai Mubanga

The blockchain technology, in general, has witnessed numerous applications in technology, medicine, business and education. The banking sector too has seen a number of blockchain applications. This trend will definitely continue to gather pace.

The internet technology specifically has had a fair share of these innovations. Different Information technology applications are now easy to design and run using EOSIO and EOS platforms. With so many free resources available to developers, the EOSIO platform has contributed immense tools and computing resources for developers to use.

The search for privacy on the internet led to the development of ORCHID. As new peer-to-peer privacy too that includes VPN, Orchid is a new peer-to-peer privacy tool that includes a virtual private network – VPN, ORCHID offers other features that put users in control of their Internet connection. It is designed to protect personal data. Orchid is however launched whenever you want to create a private internet network.

The browser application has been dominated for too long by chrome, firefox, explorer and opera. While each of these has its unique features, none had yet incorporated the cryptocurrency feature to its design. Besides, users are required to install third party add-ins to block unwanted traffic and ads. With so many trackers and advertisers online, users have ended up having their privacy encroached and the speed of browsing affected. These are some of the reasons that led developers to design the Brave web browser.

Brave Entry

Designed to mend the “broken web”, Brave has won the minds of sensitive users in promoting privacy and security. In addition, it has introduced a reward system which involves the cryptocurrency called BAT. When you first launch this browser, you notice these features shown below.

A screen shot of brave browser showing crypto rewards

The first visible statistic you notice is the number of intrusive ads blocked and how many minutes it takes for the browser to load. Impressive as this may be, the right side shows how many brave rewards you have accumulated as well as tips and contributions you have made in the month. How does it work?

While Brave is designed by default to block unwanted ads, it’s on the other hand not designed by default to use the BAT micropayment system. A user needs to enable this feature to benefit from this cryptocurrency feature. To use this feature, the user needs to purchase BAT from an online cryptocurrency exchange like Kraken. BAT can also be earned by the user by viewing advertisers ads published by what is commonly referred to as privacy respecting.

Once you load BAT, you can send it directly to your preferred content creators and websites of your choice as a reward for the content you appreciate. Conversely, Brave receives revenue from its advertisers and shares about 70 per cent of that with you as an opt-in user while returning 30 per cent. Some sites accepting BAT include The Guardian and The Washington Post. Your earned BAT can be withdrawn or exchanged for other incentives like gift cards and hotel stays.

With millions of users now turning to Brave for speed and crypto rewards, Brave seems to be set to conquer the Browser competition with crypto rewards.

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