The Idea behind Bitcoins

By Lumai Mubanga. [email protected] In my previous article, I pointed out that bitcoins have been inspired by the ideals of the Cypherpunks and libertarians. However, who were the Cypherpunks and what where the central ideals that influenced the creation of Bitcoins? According to the Wikipedia, they are activists advocating widespread use of strong cryptography and […]

Health Care on Hyper ledger, a perfect example

The main challenges affecting health care institutions, especially ones where they have diverse clientele dotted in different locations is keeping trusted data in sync. With thousands of payments and claims to be made each day, they need a system that can quickly process, sync, minimize any serious errors, and provide an accurate record of trusted data.

The rise of enterprise blockchain

As Bitcoin and blockchain grew increasingly popular, banks and large corporations noticed the potential applications of this new technology.

Why blockchain will appeal to sensitive consumers

Sensitive users will now be able to purchase any time with a clear conscious because they will have known everything about the product before purchasing it. Indeed, when fully-fledged, sensitive users will find block chain more appealing.

Does blockchain immutability guarantee accuracy?

The greatest benefits blockchain has introduced into database systems is immutability. While data can be added and “updated”, it cannot be deleted or edited. However, does it guarantee the accuracy of the data?

How Africa can immensely benefit from blockchain technology (part 3)

In this article, we will discuss how Africa can still benefit in other areas such as credible voting.

Anonymous and pseudonymous, are they bitcoins black holes?

Secret societies and other underground groupings involved in both illicit and dangerous activities are usually associated with anonymity and pseudonymity connotations. Secret organizations and underground groupings do not want to be tracked and latter prosecuted. Anonymity is thus a protection mechanism.

Why the rapid growth of blockchain in Asia Pacific region

The Asian Pacific region is one unique region in the world that has witnessed the rapid growth of blockchain application. Perhaps only next to Europe and the US, it has surpassed Latin America and Africa combined.

Perpetual african presidencies and how blockchain can block it

Suffice to say, the term “younger democracy” has been abused and often used by some Presidents to rule in perpetuity. Unlike their Asian counterparts, can African self-proclaimed democracies be forced to abide by its tenets?

Proof of stake consensus – why appealing? Part 1

Recently it was announced that the new launch Ethereum 2.0 will adopt the proof of stake algorithm. Why could this algorithm be more appealing?