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Philippine – Caldereta

From history, we know that the Philippine has a strong cultural bonding with Spain. When we taste Philippine food, they often using the same ingredient as Spain culinary. Caldereta, for example, a curry dish that uses the Spain word caldera that has means cauldron.

Indonesia – Padamaran Cake

Before traveling to mount Kerinci, you can prepare some traditional snack from the local market. Jambi province has various delicious snacks that could fill you up during hiking activities. One of the favorite snacks is the Padamaran cake.

Myanmar – Hto-hpu Nwe

Myanmar, one of the countries in Southeast Asia, has become a tourist destination for a long time. Attracting with its beautiful view, Myanmar is also known as a thousand pagoda country. Hto-hpu Nwe has a texture similar to porridge, smooth, sweet, and warm will. According to the local language, Hto-hpu Nwe means warm tofu even its not contain any tofu yet.

Indonesia – Lontong Balap

There are many beautiful temples around Southeast Asia, and the biggest one is Kwan Sing Bio, located in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia. The East Java people also loved to eat steamed rice cake dish named Lontong, and the most popular meal is Lontong Balap.

Cambodia – Samlar Machu

Tonle Sap is a river and lake in Cambodia that flow in two different way during the year. In the monsoon season, Tonle Sap lake provides lots of food, freshwater fish that swim upstream. As an agricultural country, Cambodia has many delicious food variants, especially soup. Samlar Machu is one of the Cambodian sups that have a sour taste (Machu).

Indonesia – Arsik Fish

North Sumatra province, in Indonesia, has authentic spices for their food. For North Sumatra people, there is a dish that only cooks when there is a special event named Arsik fish.

Malaysia – Nasi Kerabu

In Southeast Asia, Malaysia becomes the only MotoGP organizer, also serves all the MotoGP supporters with their culture, hospitality, and culinary. Malaysian food use rice as their base. Nasi Kerabu is one of them.

Thailand – Gang Keow Wan

Homemade rocket soaring the sky, not in a war but a festival held in Yasothan province Thailand. Bun Bang Fai is a festival to honor Phaya Taen, a pre-Buddhist god. During the festival, the airspace was temporarily closed to allow hundreds of homemade rockets to fire into the sky. They’re also a traditional food stall where you can buy Thai food. For those who loved spicy food, Gang Keow Wan is the best choice to eat during the festival.

Vietnam – Banh Cuon

Vietnamese people eat rice as their main staple, so when visiting Vietnam, you will taste various kinds of rice noodles, rice paper, or dumplings. One of the best rice dumplings in Vietnam is Banh Cuon, a fermented rice mixture dumpling filled with grounded pork, mushroom, and minced shallot.

Indonesia – Aunu Senebre

West Papua is not only known for its beautiful sea but also its delicious food. One of them is Aunu Sanebre, a dish made from anchovy, grated coconut, and sliced taro leaves served with a side of papeda.