Entries by Fauzan Anandika

Vietnam – Bo Luc Lac

For most of us, meet up again with our ex can become an awkward moment, but not in Vietnam. There is a place known as the love market Khau Vai. On every 26th and 27th of the lunar calendar, there is a unique festival held in the Khau Vai market. On that day, hundreds of ex-couple gathering in the market and enjoy the love market festival. Despite their unique festival, Vietnam also full of delicious dishes. One of the beef meals is Bo Luc Lac.

Myanmar – Samosa Thouk

Myanmar, or Burma, is one of the countries in the Asia Peninsula. Kyaukse Elephant Dance Festival is a yearly dance festival and is also one of the biggest traditional dance festivals in Myanmar. During the festival as a tourist, you will serve a beautiful and energetic scene and not forget some tasteful food. Samosa Thouk is one of the favorite street food that is easy to find at the festival.

Myanmar – Mont Di

For many centuries women in the Padaung tribe prettify their necks using brass rings. Despite their unique tradition, Myanmar also has many delicious dishes that need to taste when visiting Myanmar. Myanmar people also eat noodles as their main staple. One of the noodle dishes is Mont Di. Some tourists acknowledge it as a fast-food even it was a traditional food because it served quickly.