Entries by Fauzan Anandika

Philippines – Bulalo

Manny Pacquiao is known as Pacman. He is the only one world champion in eight-division with twelve major world titles. As a Philippines citizen, he loved to eat Bulalo.

Cambodia – Samlar Machu

Tonle Sap is a river and lake in Cambodia that flow in two different way during the year. In the monsoon season, Tonle Sap lake provides lots of food, freshwater fish that swim upstream. As an agricultural country, Cambodia has many delicious food variants, especially soup. Samlar Machu is one of the Cambodian sups that have a sour taste (Machu).

Thailand – Kaeng Phet

Despite their rough martial art, Thailand people have a lot of delicious food that could attract tourists. As a part of Southeast Asia, they are known for their spice and rich taste of food. Kaeng Phet is one of them. They use a traditional curry spice named prik gaeng ped made from fresh ingredient ground using mortar and pestle.

Indonesia – Sate Lilit

Bali one of an island in Indonesia, an island with million attraction. Beautiful beach, unique tradition, and delicious food. As for culinary, Balinese people have their style of cooking. Tourists can see Balinese cooking style like in Sate Lilit that has become one of the most popular dishes on the island. Not only serve as a meal, but Sate Lilit also becomes a part of Hinduism religious ceremony. In the past, making Sate Lilit was a masculine symbol for every male in the village.

Vietnam – Banh Cuon

Vietnamese people eat rice as their main staple, so when visiting Vietnam, you will taste various kinds of rice noodles, rice paper, or dumplings. One of the best rice dumplings in Vietnam is Banh Cuon, a fermented rice mixture dumpling filled with grounded pork, mushroom, and minced shallot.

Vietnam – Hue Tieu

Countries in Southeast Asia have amazing underground views. One of them is the Son Doong cave in Vietnam. Talking about Vietnam won’t be complete without talking about their noodle soups: Pho noodle uses tender beef that reflects Hanoi purity tradition, Bun Bo that has a strong spice, and Hue as the progressive spirit of the Vietnam youth.

Laos – Ping Kai

The Laos where most of the citizen is a Buddhist use the lunar calendar. One of the festivals is the Wat Phou festival, a festival held on the full moon in at third month of the lunar calendar. As a tourist, to enjoy a festival won’t be complete without tasting the local food in the area. One of the recommended food to taste in Laos is Ping Kai.

China – Gong Bao Ji Ding

Chinese people have many kinds of tasty food that is already well known worldwide. One of them is Gong bao ji ding. Gong bao ji ding has a spicy taste, so for those who don’t like the spicy taste, you can ask to reduce the chili.

Indonesia – Soto Betawi

Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city, has many delicious culinary, especially soup or Soto in the local language. Soto Betawi is one of the popular foods in Jakarta. Betawi is the origin of Jakarta city today and, it has a strong bond with Chinese and Netherland culture that influence their tradition until now.

Vietnam – Bo Luc Lac

For most of us, meet up again with our ex can become an awkward moment, but not in Vietnam. There is a place known as the love market Khau Vai. On every 26th and 27th of the lunar calendar, there is a unique festival held in the Khau Vai market. On that day, hundreds of ex-couple gathering in the market and enjoy the love market festival. Despite their unique festival, Vietnam also full of delicious dishes. One of the beef meals is Bo Luc Lac.