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Binance Network Development For E-Learning

A Binance Chain is a Blockchain network that performs transactions between its member using a smart contract. A wider and faster transaction becomes blockchain excellence to held an online meeting class. There are several ways how Binance, adapting to the online meeting business.

Indonesia – Nasi Tutug Oncom

Netherlands people in 1920 introduce Bandung city in Indonesia as Parijs van Java (Paris in Java). Not only known as a fashion center, but Bandung also has delicious food to taste. If you wanted to taste something iconic, you can try Nasi Tutug Oncom.

Malaysia – Laksa Sarawak

Malaysia is known as the House of Laksa since they have nine different types of Laksa dish. There are three types of Laksa, sour and salty Laksa, Laksa curry and Laksa combination. Sarawak laksa is a type of Laksa combination because it contains coconut milk and curry but also has fresh broth with a sour taste from tamarind fruit, torch ginger, galangal, and lemongrass.

Myanmar – Mont Di

For many centuries women in the Padaung tribe prettify their necks using brass rings. Despite their unique tradition, Myanmar also has many delicious dishes that need to taste when visiting Myanmar. Myanmar people also eat noodles as their main staple. One of the noodle dishes is Mont Di. Some tourists acknowledge it as a fast-food even it was a traditional food because it served quickly.

Vietnam – Goi Cuon

Vietnam is number 13th for the most populous country in the world and located in the easternmost of the Indochinese peninsula. Goi Cuon is a fresh spring roll type, where they do not cook the dish and serve it fresh. Every region has its style Goi Cuon.

Indonesia – Lontong Balap

There are many beautiful temples around Southeast Asia, and the biggest one is Kwan Sing Bio, located in Tuban, East Java, Indonesia. The East Java people also loved to eat steamed rice cake dish named Lontong, and the most popular meal is Lontong Balap.

Myanmar – Hto-hpu Nwe

Myanmar, one of the countries in Southeast Asia, has become a tourist destination for a long time. Attracting with its beautiful view, Myanmar is also known as a thousand pagoda country. Hto-hpu Nwe has a texture similar to porridge, smooth, sweet, and warm will. According to the local language, Hto-hpu Nwe means warm tofu even its not contain any tofu yet.

Cambodia – Kampot Pepper Crabs

Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia. This country is the successor of the Khmer Empires located in the Indochina peninsula. Kampot pepper has a unique character its tastes both spicy and sweet at the same time.

Philippines – Bulalo

Manny Pacquiao is known as Pacman. He is the only one world champion in eight-division with twelve major world titles. As a Philippines citizen, he loved to eat Bulalo.