Entries by Mubanga LUMAI

Blockchain application in the insurance industry

The insurance market is one of the largest and dynamic industries. It is one industry where quick decisions need to be made based on real and authentic data as well an industry fraught with fraud, inefficiency and unprocessed claims amounting to billions of dollars. How will blockchain technology help such an industry?

Can blockchain change african “democracies”?

Unlike most advanced economies and systems, Africa lurks far behind in many areas. Few countries really appreciate and trust democratic systems in African countries. This article will discuss the unique challenges faced by many African states and how blockchain may finally overcome some of these challenges.

ICO – a new fundraising innovation

Initial Coin Offerings – ICOs are proving to be among the best fundraising options for huge blockchain projects. Some companies have raised huge amounts of investment capital beyond expectation. But what makes ICOs more innovative than the traditional venture capital? How does this mode of raising capital motivate open source projects?

Can hyperledger surpass bitcoins?

Launched in 2017 by the Linux foundation, hyper ledger has been gaining momentum, perhaps more that bitcoin blockchain. What is it that could be making hyperledger more appealing than its predecessor?

Dash – an altcoin with a difference

The crypto market is still growing with new crypto assets on a daily basis and catching up on this surge is a challenge. However, there are a good number of older crypto assets that may not be as popular to many as the new ones being offloaded into the market. One such an asset is the Dash.