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Pitfalls of proof of stake consensus part 2

All types of computer systems are vulnerable in one way or another. For example, the proof of stake algorithm was introduced to solve a specific challenge in the proof of work algorithm. But there are specific attacks unique to PoS. These are long-range attack and stake grinding attack.

Health Care on Hyper ledger, a perfect example

The main challenges affecting health care institutions, especially ones where they have diverse clientele dotted in different locations is keeping trusted data in sync. With thousands of payments and claims to be made each day, they need a system that can quickly process, sync, minimize any serious errors, and provide an accurate record of trusted data.

Blockchain is secure and trusted but inefficient

The purpose of innovative solutions is to be more efficient, secure and trusted in comparison to present solutions. While blockchain for sure has proved to be more secure and trustworthy, there seems to be one area in which more innovation is required to polish it up and make it to near perfection. That is the area of efficiency.

Can cryptocurrency be legal tender?

by Lumai Mubanga Legal tender is usually government-issued and controlled. It is regarded, as a national assert recognized and used as legal tender in other neighbouring countries. Legal tender is also regarded as national pride and a sign of sovereignty. Some more powerful legal tender currencies like the US Dollar are also used as reserve […]