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The lifecycle of an ICO

Like any undertaking, ICOs undergo several stages leading to the launch of a token or project. However, it must be acknowledged that there‚Äôs a lot of learning still going on in the ‚Äútokenomics‚ÄĚ world.

Will Cryptocurrencies democratize everything?

The well-known immediate effect of cryptocurrencies in our world today has been its decentralization of finances sector. However, could this successful decentralization of some financial transactions lead to more decentralization or democratization of other spheres of day-to-day life?

What is Initial Coin Offerings – ICO

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies, initial coin offering has become a buzz word, if not a household name for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Other cryptocurrency hobbyists simply wonder what it is all about. This article will briefly explain what ICO is and why you may be the next interesting beneficiary.

Blockchain is not a magic bullet for all applications. (part 1)

In spites of all the enthusiasm and hopes brought by blockchain, it is not a magic bullet for every type of problem or challenges. Many applications continue to be developed for different sectors but not all applications will be blockchain-based. This article looks at which applications may or may not be suitable for adoption on the blockchain technology.

Blockchain application and foreign aid

Foreign aid disbursements have been a challenge for donor countries for some time. The aid is normally sent to developing countries in war-torn countries, refugee camps and underdeveloped countries especially in Africa, South America and middle east. some of the challenges have been lack of accountability, absence of records and the aid not reaching the intended recipients. Blockchain, however, seems to have been the solution already. This article will discuss how that could be possible and how it is being done.