Blockchain Smart Contract For Social Security Service

To prevent ineffective social support, the government needs to create a traceable system for monitoring the social security transaction. This feature is where Blockchain can be used as a support system to ensure every citizen can get their social support. Here are the analyses on how it could implement.

Transparent Ticketing Process with Blockchain

A ticket to a tourist destination could disappear at one time and appear again near the purchasing time limit at a higher price. Refunds and rescheduling also become a problem for most travelers. Blockchain has become a solution to prevent fraudulence in many sectors, also in ticketing platform.

Binance Network Development For E-Learning

A Binance Chain is a Blockchain network that performs transactions between its member using a smart contract. A wider and faster transaction becomes blockchain excellence to held an online meeting class. There are several ways how Binance, adapting to the online meeting business.

Can Blockchain Technology Help Dropshipper?

Drop shippers need a real-time supplier inventory. A decentralized database using blockchain makes every supplier connected to all your supply chain. Every time there is an updated product, it will become easy to trace.

What Blockchain Technology Can Do For Developing Country

Southeast Asia, a place for 647.74 million inhabitants, has become a big market for many countries. Blockchain technology becomes one of the best choices to provide a secure transaction. Developing blockchain tech becomes a primary concern for many countries in Southeast Asia.

How CBDC Protect Investor from Fraudulence

To gain benefit from cryptocurrency investment trends while keep maintaining the risk, the government in several countries start to create their cryptocurrency. Know as Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a digital form of a national fiat currency claimed by the central bank.