Food Expansion Using Ethereum Network

by Fauzan Anandika

Artificial Intelligence has changed our life dramatically, changes many aspects of human life. Everything becomes close, fast-moving, and convenient. Ordering food, traveling, or shopping can be done in seconds. Humans now could enjoy advanced technology because of the factory improved by AI. There are many things that humans can’t do, but with artificial intelligence help, it becomes possible. And the good part is we can enjoy it at an affordable price.

In the work sector, AI helps to create high accuracy work with long durability that can’t compare to humankind. A similar condition happens in a factory where AI could increase factory productivity with its fast and persistent work. With all the benefits, AI also gives a serious risk especially for low-skill and monotonous workers. Many works, such as administrative work, teller, an insurance agent, and many more will become irrelevant jobs shortly.

Many countries that in the developing stage struggling to solve this problem to keep their economic competitiveness. A critical condition that appears when the unemployment number rises to threaten them anytime. The creative industry becomes one of the ways out. Trading handicrafts, local culinary, cultural stuff, and the traditional-event can absorb many talented workers. With an export mindset, small industries like local culinary can penetrate the international market.

We can learn from Thailand, which success in expanding its culture through culinary industries. For example, customers can find Thai restaurants easily in many places all over the world. Combining the creative industries with advanced technology like blockchain can help the industry to grow bigger. In the culinary industry, creating a persistent and authentic taste can be a big problem to handle. As we know, some of the ingredients could be produced from an endemic material or not well distributed. Substitution is not an option because it could change the taste.

To create a dish, preparing fresh ingredients is a must. The challenging part is to manage ingredients shipment that comes from many places and need to ship fast and accurately. This condition is when blockchain technology needs to help by using blockchain, especially the Ethereum network, the shipment process can be controlled and monitored using its smart contract.

Ethereum is a peer-to-peer public network where they use a smart contract designed to store different types of data. Ethereum is different from Bitcoin, where bitcoin used only to record its balance list, while Ethereum available to apply in any database. With this advantage, Enthereum can be used to trace every ingredient shipment to a foreign country. Not only ingredient, as we see in Thai restaurant, they also use their original accessories, aroma, and interior design in their restaurant. With blockchain, all different products can easily trace by all the supply chain members.

Ethereum network provides the culinary industry with accurate ingredient shipment information to prevent false container treatment that can ruin the ingredient quality. Ethereum also ensures delivering package is sent in the right direction. Every container will contain specific and unique code to identify their movement.
Advanced technology gives us benefits on one side and the other hand, forces us to extend our quality. To survive, every industry needs to adapt to new technology.

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