Living in the time governed by technological advancements and innovations

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected]

Editor note: Title has been slightly updated

It is difficult to be living in this world without being influenced by technological advancements. The human has now the challenge to get itself along with these technologicals as they are designed for own good. They are there to render life quite easy and accessible to all. This is particularly the case with the Blockchain technology and Digital currencies like cryptocurrencies as they exist hundreds upon hundreds as individuals like companies move on to create their own digital currencies while others are still lacking out. It is just a matter of time for these countries to join the family of the Blockchain technology users. It is a technology that will be necessary to them in one way or the other on the long term.

It is stipulated by two renowned authors and writers who constantly share out their experiences in relation to this new technological advancements happening constantly without any break. Don Tapscott is the writer of Digital Economy in which he lays emphasizes on the fact that it is just a time given framework for countries that fall under the category of rejectors, experimentators and researchers to follow change their view regarding the Blockchain technology as he goes forward by saying no one remains the same after coming across the paths of the Blockchain technology and Digital currency as they enable and change enterprise collaborations and managements inside organizations as well as inside countries. He is the author of so many acclaimed books concerning technology advancements, business and the society as a whole. Getting further perspectives on this renowned and professor in association with his son, Alex Tapscott brought out a book ‚ÄúBlockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is changing Money, Business and the World‚ÄĚ. In this book, there important aspects that brings out how the Blockchain technology creates a better sharing world by destroying all boundaries and limitations as well as how people‚Äôs life is being influenced by this technology in a more of a positive manner than negative way. Through the Blockchain technology everyone is satisfied as everyone gets a share of the cake in one way or the other.

Still in the said book ‚ÄúBlockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is changing Money, Business and the World‚ÄĚ, the writers really give much prevalence and relevance to the fact that the Blockchain technology has not only changed Bitcoin, but it has changed the whole world as an entity.

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