The value of the blockchain technology on alcohol beverage enterprise based on a blockchain verification system.

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

During these hard times that the clock of the world seems no longer ticking, value has lost its very essence, questions have come up, propably with no eventual answers to it and with time, no answers shall still arise. The order of the day has become social distancing. No longer hugs, no longer cheerfull weekends hanging put with friends and chilling over a bottle or two of beer. Man seems to be heading back in the primitive area when there was no social ties. The things that brought us together are no longer being shared, they seem to have entered in a trance with no possible way out. When shall we at last rise over this situation and share cheerfull weekends or cold Fridays with mates, friends, family members over a drinks to keep us calm and create the love that has once existed before ? Questions upon questions. Everyone wants back that life, full of joy and happy moments. If you are just like me, with the spirit of joviality and happiness that I feel every Friday after work, leaving from the office, headinng to an inn with mates, friends to share some bottles of beer will admit that you miss those moments, I personnaly miss these moments and if there was a machine to rewind time, I will gladly and happily do it. Due to social distancing being imposed everywhere in all milieux, one has to adapt and manage to get out the best of what is available.

The blockchain technology is really a blessing to mankind during these moments of uncertainty. It gives us the belief and the hope that everything is not lost, the future is still very bright lying ahead of us, just keep the faith and the belief. I have always had this feeling and belief that owning an alcohol beverage inn or industry is quite a ransomming thing, like free beer, drinks and plenties of money. I must admit, I came out deceived with this concept. It is not an easy task, though the efforts are being paid off, but the hard work is needed. There are so many things to do and carry out like the logistics, staffs and various regulations. With the outbreak of this pandemics, things have gone tougher for alcohol beverage owners, especially ay the level of the regulations and logistics. With offices constantly closed due to social distancing, it has had an impact on the supply and profit for these beverage business owners. Distribution has become very difficult and slow due to paper based work. Due to this, transactions are very slow, thereby causing economic hardships on beverage owners. These difficulties called concerns and needed to solved as soon as possible, the best solution that sprung up was the blockchain technology solution. In order to speed up regulations, distributions, logistics, instead of relying on a paper based work verification, the need was there to shift to a blockchain based verification system in order to speed up distributions, regulations in order to increase cost and benefits as the blockchain based verification system is faster and swifter. This is exactly the case with Fuego Fina Inc, an Arizona based alcohol industry that used the Aclyd three part equation based on the blockchain in order to increase distribution and sales as they distrbute to four other states in the US. The equation consisted of the Alcyd wallet, the Alcyd and smart contracts making it the perfect alcohol distribution channel, thereby raising their production and distribution levels despite these hard times with regulations taking less times as a result of smart contracts. This equation is a good one to all countries suffering as a result of the pandemics hampering their alcohol industry. If there is no possibility to share a drink physically, virtually it remains possible. This is the magic in virtual technology with increase in production and distribution at a faster rate.

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