How Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have influenced the Internet…

by Verdzekov Bernard

Unlike the past, people mostly visited the internet for News about what is happening around the world, studies and many other basic researches. But this has taken a long time for people to do so. From when the internet came into existence and now, I can say the percentage is not really high yet. Though so many people do know It now, and many other learning, the percentage is not to gross. And there are still many people who don’t know it yet. 

But with the introduction of Bitcoin, that has really increased the traffic with the internet. More people now visit the internet more than those that used the internet, and the reason why I can say that is true is because, they are in pursue of money. Because of this, people research more, and many other stays online although checking to make sure they make some gain and not loss. This alone has really participated to the increased in traffic in internet use in the world.  And this goes ON and ON and will go on for a very long period of time. 

So many people have gotten themselves into bitcoin because of so many rich scheme adverts. Unlike back in the pass, many people didn’t get into bitcoin because, the level of advertisement back was low and too, those who even knew didn’t spread the word because they were scared of being tortured or even killed. That is so different with today’s reality. Many people have adopted the use of bitcoin and too, the level of advertisement has grown wide as many have accepted the coin, even government officials and many other countries which has made it user friendly. This has made the use of bitcoin or crypto currency to skyrocket. So many people now believe in it and despite the gross losses they incur from there because of the venerability of bitcoin, they still can’t leave it. They have swallowed by the comfort of taken risk because of the high success rate which they experienced. A glaring example could be seen this year 2021, where bitcoin dropped drastically, from about 54.000-32.000 influenced by one rich person Elon Musk. Bitcoin is greatly influenced by successful rich people. Though the reason why Elon Musk left or stopped accepting bitcoin was clearly pointed out, that alone affected the lives of so many people, who didn’t think bitcoin will drop that way, and even for those that thought that way or that had always prepared their minds knowing that bitcoin was so volatile, they still got shocked and was greatly affected too. That is BITCOIN. 

I also think that, the reason why bitcoin hits hard and powerful is because of the idea of Invest and get rich fast. That has made a lot of people get into the Bitworld without carrying out a deep research. Though many have benefited from it others have lost to and the number isn’t small. But the funny thing about all this that, this rich scheme model, most world richest are still skeptic about it. The quest for people to make money, the hungry nature and great desire has made people make terrible mistake. Ignorant is money so before they learn, they are likely to make so many mistakes which will cause them loose money. But even after learning, you can’t miss that.

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