Will Blockchain exist without Digital currency?

by Haman Kingah

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the provenance of a digital asset. With the blockchain, information could be stored and kept save with only one private access to a particular ledger of information. But a very pertinent question was asked in a conference on digital currency which I attended, it goes thus, will Block chain technology exist without crypto currencies? 

Many people turn to think of blockchain technology only when they are talking about crypto currency. Crypto currency has turned to greatly surpass the use of fiat currency in terms of recognition and acceptance. People have come to see the benefit of crypto currency. That has made the topic on blockchain discussed frequently when people turn to talk about safety, about convenience, about identity. Blockchain now turns to be widely recognized. 

China today wants to step up its economy by introducing its own digital, thus banning the mining and use of BTC in China. This to me had to take a lot of time for people to complete exhaust their coins from their Blockchain wallet or looking for ways to convert their coins to the digital currency china wants. The blockchain could accept all though it wasn’t built just to accept and recognize just digital currency. The laws could still put it out that you could own bitcoins, but you don’t use it to purchase, until you convert it to chines digital currency.

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