Entries by Haman Kingah

Cameroon – Grilled Fish and Parte

Cameroon has a very large body of water, around Limbe we have the sea that goes into the ocean. But fish is mostly harvested from the ocean by huge companies like Congelcam. Most people in my country will rather choose fish over meat because it is cheap and more available and it is also very nutritional. I like grill fish and I hope you do too.

Cameroon – Coconut Rice

Coconut is said to have long existed about 10000 years. Coconut rice is very delicious meal that could be cook in so many homes around Cameroon, Africa and the world at large. This is rice prepared with coconut water.

Cameroon – Achu

Achu was considered as a river surrounded with many obstacles. This is a complete heavy dish. Serve and eating in Cameroon by nearly everyone, though not all. This is a delicacy that was introduced by the Mankon people, in Cameroon, precisely from the NW region of Cameroon. According to the Mankon tradition, this meal is eating with the hands or rather fingers and with no cutleries.

Cameroon – Cornchaff

Corn and beans are one of the most used seeds, widely grown crops and one of the most eating seeds in Africa. Beans seeds are said to be dated about 9000yrs and is said to have been found but in Thailand. Normally to prepare this particular cuisine, you will need to prep for about 30min, then using about 1:30min for cooking process to come to an end. It will be better to overcook beans than to eat half done beans.

Cameroon – Ndole

Bitter leave is like any other green vegetable, but it is very bitter when not washed properly. Bitter leave has been said to be a medicinal plant back then. Our four-fathers used it to reduce high sugar level with patients suffering from diabetes. Bitter leave is said to grow both in the dry season and raining season. These are said to be the seasons in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Akra and Beans/Breakfast Cuisine

In Cameroon, along the road, you could see an aged lady that has been frying Akra for a very long time. It is like a profession for most people and a sauce of income. This helps the poor and at times the rich too. Akra is very important breakfast cuisine in Cameroon, made from white beans seeds.

Cameroon – Bitter Leave Soup

Bitter leave soup is a very nice and delicious soup commonly eating Nigeria and Cameroon. Bitter leave grows both in the dry season and raining season. Just the leaves, when harvested and cooked, it is being drank to reduce sugar level for diabetes patients. It is considered a traditional medicine.