The blockchain technology and supply chain management

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

The blockchain technology is a man of all fields. He is found everywhere necessary as it gives it unconditional help to everyone in every domain without any limitations. The covid-19 pandemic has come and portrayed the world’s limitations in all domains, beginning from the political domain to the socio-economic domain. Though life may seem to be gradually returning to normal, everything is yet to become normal as it was the case. During such circumstances, the world response has to be special and unique. It has to be unique in all aspects which is in high need of solutions.

Like many other domains and aspects, the supply chain management has been heavily hit as it is in search of solutions in order to remedy what is for the moment difficult to remedy. The covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in the world in terms of global supply chain. This is due to the fact that many factories and companies had to lock down because of safety reasons and many especially textile companies shifted their production in the production of protective mask and others for certain demand of goods like medical supplies. Due to these high demands in these various commodities, it brings a shortage in other necessity goods like housing goods and necessities. Moreover, with these high demands, it actually makes it very hard and vague to easily plan supplies. The blockchain technology comes in as supportive technology as it gives the opportunity and possibility to connect all stakeholders in a supply chain and also it provides a source of truth and transparency while guaranteeing security at the same time. An example of this is the blockchain solution provider known as TYMLEZ ha=gave its services free of charge to the Dutch government by offering a blockchain-based solution that matches both supply and demand in the ecosystems like medical products.

Furthermore, a mobile and online payment platform known as Alipay created a blockchain-based solution that gives the possibility to charitable organizations to improve their collaboration by collaborating more efficiently and transparently. This also gives the opportunity to easily track donations of relief services to those who are in high need of it.

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