BTC Wallet

by Verdzekov Bernard

When you are ready to join the blockchain, there are some simple steps you will take. But it is good to note that, what you are about to get into is very risky. With what I have read online, they say it is secured, but I think the security they are talking about is that of hacking into a blockchain, not actually sending and receiving security. Why should I send BTC to someone I don’t know and can’t be able to trace where the BTC has gone to? Why should I make an error concerning monetary issues and can’t be able to ratify it. Then how do the mean the blockchain is secured. To me this has caused a lot of illegal actions to succeed using the blockchain. If it was made possible for people’s ID to be known, that will make the chain secured and peoples confident to transact using the blockchain to be made wide. 

So, when you are getting into the block world you are to be very careful with the transactions you get into because there are no refunds except the person you are transacting with is good to refund back your BTC if you may make an error. But with scammers all over the place, receiving payment for illegal transactions on the blockchain, your chances are limited. 

A blockchain wallet permits you to store your bitcoin after any transaction in BTC. This is stored and could be used anytime to send or even trade. This wallets are charged a fee depending on the size of the transaction.

So, to have your own BTC wallet, if you have an iPhone or android, go to the Appstore or google play store and download the app from there. Your email address and a secure password for your wallet will be needed. After providing that, I think you will be good to go. Make sure the information you feel is known only to you and no one else. Particularly your password. 

I have a friend who lose his BTC’s because he shared information with his friend. The friend after creating his account, made sure he kept the password and email. He had been monitoring the account and the transactions that took place. He realized his friend has a lucrative account. He took just one day to transfer 5000USD from the friends account into his. Though it was realized, the friend had used the money, apologized and said he will pay back. But never pass through such a risk. Keep your password and email secured. 

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