Increase in the nation production shift

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected]

Editor note: Title has been slightly updated

Many are those that still doubting the relevance of the blockchain technology in society and the world at large. The human being has always been afraid of one thing or another. At times, the fear really appears to be real, whereas it is all just mental. The first step to success is step out of your comfort zone and face both the realities that life proposes and not only to face them, but also to come out a winner. Always remember in this all you do. Fear should not stop us from using technologies to achieve what we want. Countries spend their time just looking at the side effects of the blockchain technology, they just fail to analyze the amazing offers it all comes with. Many are countries that are surviving today as a result of adopting the blockchain technology It was not the case at first, but now things have completely changed in such countries.

In countries that they face a lot of restriction, what they do is so simple. They simply ensure that digital currencies like cryptocurrencies should come into play under the adoption of the blockchain technology. When this has been done, they proceed by transferring hundreds of dollars or euros or their local currency through cryptocurrencies which is being delivered to whoever they are sending it within just a few seconds after doing the transfer. With such amazing results, countries turn vastly to quickly adopt this good reality and it becomes and starts acting the role of the normal local currency they were using before. Isn’t an amazing thing? Obviously it is. They why being afraid and eventually restrict ourselves from such happiness.

Getting ahead, an increase in production shift can be seen in a country like Georgia. Georgia is famously known as post-soviet country that still has a weak economy and as such, they are doing their possible best to increase their economy. Due to a lack of resources, it reduces their abilities to manufacture exportable goods and as a result of this, they have to look for a different option to rely on such as services which is visible in the creation of high-paying technology jobs thanks to the popularity of the blockchain technology and digital currencies in the country as it is done through the distribution of cryptocurrencies across the whole nation.

Also, the country has seen a growth in mining firms and also large cooperations like like BitFury which is having the second highest mining farms in the country due to the fact that fact more and more Georgians are believing in cryptocurrencies without any fear leading to a significant growth in production with Georgians stocking up on cryptocurrencies for a rainy day as their currency depreciated a lot in 2019 leaving many helpless to purchase goods due to increase prices, luckily they saw the potential of crptocurrencies and blockchain technology in particular.

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