Entries by Bob Huyu

Sierra Leone – Oleleh

From Sierra Leone I bring you the most delicious traditional dish, Oleleh. It is a mixture of black eyed beans, palm oil, yam and with many other ingredients. It has served a millions of inhabitants and foreigners, because it is sold in almost every available street in the country, probably even to the neighbors.

Zimbabwe – Bota (Milk Porridge)

In Zimbabwe Bota is native term meaning a special prepared porridge from milk, peanut butter and probably more ingredients, that is taken normally in the morning as breakfast to give a day strength.

Nigeria – Ekuru and Ata Dindin

Nigeria is a country located in western Africa, it is bordered by Niger in the north, Cameroon to the east, Benin in the west and Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic ocean to the southern part. Ekuru is originate from Yoruba tribe, people living in the southern part of the country, among three ethnic groups in tribes in Nigeria.

Zimbabwe – Maguru Stew (Tripe)

Zimbabwe with Maguru stew as among the best loved traditional dishes, it is a country surrounded by Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa. Shona people as one of the largest tribes found in the country prefer this meal, though if prepared by boiling only. This is to mean, Maguru stew hold it’s origin from the traditional ways of eating.

Benin – Ago Glain

Benin is blessed with nature, yam, maize, beans are some of the readily available blessings to the country. Sea food is available at much compared to meat. Ago Glain is another taste no never miss while you visit Benin.

Niger – Dambou

Niger is among the western African countries. Despite the idea that Niger shares it’s cuisines with Nigeria, however they are quite two different countries with very little customs and traditional dishes similarities. One to talk about is Dambou.

Zimbabwe – Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is among the most cooked foods during cerebration times in Zimbabwe, most of the chidrens feel very happy once they smell rice, coconut rice.

Zimbabwe – Mabhonzo emombe

Have you ever though that a “bone” can actually make a taste and save a day wondefully?, now this cuisine from Zimbabwe will leave you amazed, it is called Mabhonzo emombe. We all know about meats as one of the everyone favor when it comes about eating at the best, but yet there is something more to know about it, beef bones.

Burkina Faso – Ragout d’igname

A cuisine from Burkina Faso called Ragout d’igname, a mix of yam and ingredients to give a forever taste. Burkina Faso is located in western Africa being bordered by Mali to the north, Niger to the east, and Ghana and Benin to the south.

Zimbabwe – Nhedzi

This cuisine comes from mushroom (termitomyces family of mushrooms) that are cooked with vegetables to bring the outcome for lunch or dinner meal.