Blockchain technology with life opportunities

by Huyu Bob

Blockchain technology is a technology that decentralizes currency in a way that online currency is transparency to a public but owned individually. Introduction of this system brought wide range of online currency uses from one country to another as well as one continent to another. Besides banking currency systems, blockchain introduces life opportunities right on the spot (through internet) to earn a daily living expenses like social services fee, accommodation expenses as well as government fees.

Let take a case study from Africa in general.

Blockchain technology innovation, employs ITs and computer science skilled persons

Technology personnel have been employed in a thousands of institutions to work as maintainers for the interaction of bitcoin payments. Local bitcoin as well as Remitano systems for example, allows wide range of bitcoin users to sell their bitcoins to their local currencies at safety, therefore implementation of such systems need computer science skilled personnel.

Improvement in social living standards of youths

Generally, a ton of unemployed youths in Africa had bad days, but since blockchain technology with bitcoin mining allows anyone to work at any place, some youths took the chance and change their social life standards to better. Bitcoin mining needs a good computer and a little knowledge of the person concern since a hard work is done by a computer itself, this (bitcoin mining at home) however faces great challenge nowadays as many mining centers have been introduced.

Keeping people busy over pay time opportunities

Many employees (especially those employed in government) are less likely to engage over their entrepreneur jobs and end their days with nothing, but blockchain technology provides pay time jobs from institutions that adopted the system, such like quiz, games and simple tasks by which an employee can perform while on office and make some extra coin with a reasonable exchange price. Some even dare to drop from office and keep their pay time works.

Widening local network providers services through blockchain technology (bitcoin buying and selling)

Local network providers agents are nowadays widening their job boundaries, for example M-Pesa agent can receive bitcoins from a person who lives in China, exchange the coins into Kenyan shillings (Ksh) or Tanzanian shillings (Tsh) the same way from Tanzanian shillings into China Yuan.

Change from bad ideology of Computer science and Information Technology (I.T)

In Africa, there some countries that had a bad view over taking a Computer science degree, as a wastage of time and resources, but since many youths have been updated on computer science field, taking example of Trading bitcoins; the bad ideology is ceasing to exist.

As the price of coin increases, it is a best chance to make some extra cash with the Blockchain technology innovations.

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