Blockchain is responsible for money back

by Hania Ahmed

Editor note: The article’s point of view is controversial

Is money back?

In the past, the only way to get someone’s money back was through hard work. You have to work hard first, then you have to work a little harder. You get older but you have to keep working to make money. But through BTC or Block World, you can only make money by buying, trading and selling coins.

With the introduction of blockchain technology, many people have realized that it is easy to make money. This was reflected in trade with BTC and other currencies. However, it changed the general idea of ​​working harder than wealth. Many people don’t even have to go through hard work and stress before they get rich. Many became its owners.

Economic point of view

However, this issue has helped the economy to some extent. During the day, many parents and even four dead parents consider themselves rich when they have a family, a home, food, and when they are old and retired. Many young people today are very rich and still earn a lot of money, whether they are married or have a permanent home. Ownership is largely due to blockchain technology. Today, young people’s business activities are booming. They can trade stocks or currencies. These commercial activities are very disturbing and frightening. This means that if you want to be rich, you have to take risks.

The price of gold in the global market can rise for a variety of reasons. It can be BTC, oil, etc. And you can be sure that this increase will continue even after training. As a result, you may decide to “buy”. You can take advantage of everything and buy more. This is what happens when there is a fall or when you observe a fall. Sell ​​it there so you don’t lose it. What many young people today have enriched is “easy” but “difficult” work.

What about the money? I had to work hard to make more money or to get money and a passport. If you don’t work, you will go hungry and your family will go hungry. Even during this time, the roads are often very busy and people are busy moving from job to job. Many of them have become owners of others who consider themselves employees. If you do not respond to the job description or do not perform well, you will be fired.

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