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Japan – Kakigori (Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert)

Kakigori is a dessert that is made up of Crushed and shaved ice with having flavors and sweet syrups. Japanese Shaved ice dessert is served with sweet syrups, some fruit chunks, condensed milk, evaporated milk. In summer, this dessert is sold every where in Japan like, dessert shops, tea café, tea stalls, ice cream stalls, etc. This dish is originated in Heian Period in which ice from the mountains bring and topped with flavors.

Japan, China – Gyoza / Jiaozi

Dishes included in the cuisine of Japan has many other dishes from other regions. Those inspired dishes are than infused with Japanese flavours and came up with new fusion dish of other regional origin and Japanese flavours. So this dish is also a fusion cuisine which is originated from the Chinese cuisine and now very popular in Japan.

Japan – Zosui / Ojiya

This dish is actually a soup which is made up of rice, vegetables, and meat. It is also known as ”Japanese Rice Soup”. This soup is originated from the concept that rice can be added to miso soup for a more tasty and healthy effect. There are few varieties of zosui by different ingredients to put on and different cooking time.

Japan – Japanese Okonomiyaki

As a Japanese cuisine, this dish is an authentic dish from the traditional values. This is a dish in which wheat flour is used to make a base of the dish and then topped with different sauces. The word, OKONOMI means “what you like?”‘ and, YAKI means “Fried food”.

Japan – Hot Pot

This dish is a traditional dinner usually cooked sometimes or even on special occasions to have a huge bowl of soup/ broth with many foodstuffs dipped into it. This is also known as Soup Pot, Fire pot or Soup food.

Japan – Kamameshi

Kamameshi is known as Kettle rice because it is a dish of rice cooked in the kettle. The iron pot or kettle is a kitchenware in which this rice dish is cooked with many other elements to be added on. In Japanese, the iron cooking pot is known as KAMA. So Kamameshi names come from the word KAMA. EKIBEN is a similar dish. This is the Lunch box served on the local train of Japan.

Japan – Beef Sukiyaki

This dish is served in Nabemono style, one bowl having all the elements together. Nabe means hotpot or cooking pot and, Mono means things. This is like a bowl of happiness in winters and a very delicious-looking dish. This dish is versatile because of the vast addition of ingredients in it.

Japan – Raindrop Cake

Raindrop cake; is not it look like a piece of art or something. This is a zero calories dessert in which we can have only two or three ingredients and you come up with a unique dessert like an art piece. This is very clear and crystal dessert so felt like a raindrop.

Japan – Age-Gyoza (揚げ餃子)

Jiaozi is the Chinese form of dumplings that has the Japanese variation of Jiaozi is GYOZA. This is originated as traditional Chinese medicine. There are different names for the Gyoza of different countries and for different ingredients, the cooking method also.