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Japan – Shiitake Zongzi

In a normal word, it is known by the name rice dumplings or sticky rice dumplings. This is a Japanese dish with a few elements in combination. It is basically a rice dish, moreover rice dumplings and also be called rice cakes. During Dragon Boat Festival or Doubler Fifth Festival, this is the dish eaten regularly. And the tradition evolved with the generations and every year in early May of the Japanese lunar calendar, glutinous rice dumplings are cooked and eaten in festivals. There are many variants of the dish.

Japan – Khushikatsu

This dish has huge elements to go through the name but it is simply said that this dish is deep-fried, skewered, cutlets of meat and vegetables. The name ”Khushi” means ”Skewers”. And ”Katsu” means ”Cutlets” which is definitely deep-fried. In Tokyo, this dish is famous for pork meat, while food on skewers is originated from Osaka.

Japan – Tsukune

This is a non-veg dish that is actually chicken, lamb, beef, or seafood meatballs. These are known as Japanese meatballs or Tsukune. There are different techniques used in making this amazing dish.

Japan – Chazuki

This is a very unique dish of Japanese cuisine in which we can mix rice with prepared green tea and pour over the rice. Name of the dish which is used in Japanese cuisine is ”CHAZUKE”. From this word ”CHA” means ”TEA” and ”ZUKE” means ”SUBMERGE”.

Japan – Unagi Grilled Eel Rice Bowl

UNAGI GRILLED EEL RICE BOWL, is the name of this dish and when it comes to the ingredients and main elements with cooking technique we can found it in this name. Freshwater eel from Japan is used in making this amazing dish.

Japan – Takikomi Gohan

Takikomi Gohan is a bowl of Japanese rice tossed with dashi, soya sauce, broth, and can have the addition of vegetables and meat into it. This dish has a lot of varieties and different versions of the same dish by having different combinations of vegetables and meat. It can be your comfort dish or a heavy meal to be served on dinners, festivals like Japanese new year’s eve, etc.

The Philippines – Pan De Sal (Filipino Bread Rolls)

This is Filipino bread prepared by yeast-raised flour in the Philippines. It is the popular bread served with different dishes and also different fillings are made to serve it as a snack and sweet or salted bread rolls. The traditional and famous breakfast of Filipino cuisine is Pan De Sal with butter, jam, and Tea. Pan De Sal was introduced in the Philippines as the French Baguette bread version of Filipino cuisine. It is formerly called PAN DE SUEL that means Floor Bread. It was cooked by a wood-fired oven also known as PUGON.

Japan – Nikuman

This dish is actually a Japanese version of dumplings, it is also known as the Japanese version of Chinese Baozi. This is popular in Japanese street food courts. It is also said that this is a savory version of Manju that is a Japanese confectionary dish.

Japan – Honey Castella

This is actually the most fluffy and spongy cake of Japanese Cuisine. This is sold in many varieties but honey glazed one is the most sold and cooked cake in Japan. This is also a kind of Japanese Confectionery delight known to be as ”WAGASHI”. The name of this cake came up in the 16th century by the Portuguese.