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Japan – Khushikatsu

This dish has huge elements to go through the name but it is simply said that this dish is deep-fried, skewered, cutlets of meat and vegetables. The name ”Khushi” means ”Skewers”. And ”Katsu” means ”Cutlets” which is definitely deep-fried. In Tokyo, this dish is famous for pork meat, while food on skewers is originated from Osaka.

Japan – Yoshinoya Beef Rice Bowl (Gyudon)

This dish is a proper bowl of all elements like strips of beef with steamed rice and topped with vegetables with sometimes a fried egg. This is said as Japanese comfort food for at least 150 years. Gyudon is originally originated from the dish Gyunbae. This dish is Beef hot pot at the times of KANTO REGION, in Japan.

Japan – Yakitori

YAKITORI is a very famous and popular dish among food lovers in Japan. KUSHIYAKI is a term used in Japan for grilling and stirring. So this chicken is marinated and then Khushiyahi on charcoal.

Japan – Mixed Vegetable Tsukemono

This is Japanese vegetable pickle use to add to different Japanese dishes and consume in many snacks like sandwiches, salads, etc. This is the thing that can make any other dish to the next level. This is a very common dish of KAISEKI, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. This is more like the Name means ”PICKLED THINGS”. In 1906, a book of tea written by Okakura Kakuzō also known as Okakura Tenshin was a Japanese scholar and he introduced this dish, Tsukemono in the great tea ceremony, Kaiseki. There are many varieties of tsukemono prepared in Japanese cuisine and also there are many different dishes cooked by using this individual dish, tsukemono.

Japan – Miso Soup

Miso is actually a product formed by a special procedure known as fermentation. MISO SOUP is also known as ”Misoshiru”. Miso soup is very common in Japan and served with white plain rice in breakfast.

Japan – Age-Gyoza (揚げ餃子)

Jiaozi is the Chinese form of dumplings that has the Japanese variation of Jiaozi is GYOZA. This is originated as traditional Chinese medicine. There are different names for the Gyoza of different countries and for different ingredients, the cooking method also.

Japan – Mochi (Japanese Rice Cake)

MOCHI, RICE CAKE or Japanese rice mochi cake is the dish which has many names and tastes amazing. Mochi is the type of starch that is used in making this rice cake. This dish is eaten around the whole year but especially on new year’s eve and served as the Japanese traditional dessert.

Japan – Kamameshi

Kamameshi is known as Kettle rice because it is a dish of rice cooked in the kettle. The iron pot or kettle is a kitchenware in which this rice dish is cooked with many other elements to be added on. In Japanese, the iron cooking pot is known as KAMA. So Kamameshi names come from the word KAMA. EKIBEN is a similar dish. This is the Lunch box served on the local train of Japan.

Japan – Zosui / Japanese Rice Soup

Zosui is a very healthy and full nutritious soup dish with all the healthy elements to add its benefits to the dish. It is a Japanese version of Congee. Congee is actually a rice porridge dish, very famous in China. This dish is very healthy and easy to digest so it is also served as a staple food for patients and healthcare workers. This is also known to be as Baby food. When nabemono is cooked, the leftover soup can be also used as the Zosui. There are different variant of using instead of rice.