Entries by Tanomba Thati

Malawi – Kachumbari

Kachumbari is a vegetable-fruits mix salad dish from fresh tomato and onions as the main inset. Kachumbari in Malawi is highly supplied in fast food points than in restaurants due to the consumption number of customers taking fast foods around city road sites.

Somalia – Surbiyaan Hilib Adhi

In Somalia, Eid festival will mostly go with this platter cuisine, the Surbiyaan Hilib Adhi. It is a cuisine of lamb mixed with rice and spices. Rice is cooked half way ready and the lamb roast will be mixed along with rice to fully accomplish the recipe.

Somalia – Iskudheh Karis

Iskudheh Karis is a known dish in Somalia prepared from the mix of rice and meat or chicken. For real this dish is a tasty one, try it and you won’t blame your buds for getting over your meal way to the dish.

Somalia – Maraq Digaag

Maraq Digaag is a cuisine of chicken soup from Somalia. This cuisine prepares chicken to a longer boiling time with spices, that mixes well with the meat and soup, resulting into a great and sweet taste.

Malawi – Fish Roast

Malawi is a country near lake Nyasa, fishing is the primary activity with it’s citizens. There are varieties of fish to prepare since most of the time, boiling fish with a tomato soup may count the cooking procedures for fish preparation.

Tanzania – Hehe Dog Soup

Hehe is among the famous tribe in the country, its famous goes with the history of chief Mtwa Mkwawa who fought intensively with the German colonial soldiers, hence won many fights. There was a secret meal that were given to him and his soldiers, today’s cuisine.

Somalia – Fuud Ari (Lamb Soup)

Lamb soup is among the loved cuisines in Somalia, simply because of the bread dominate foods that needs a soup to eat with. Lamb meat with bones inclusive is boiled under moderate heat with vegetables and spices to fully bring the Fuud Ari taste.

Somalia – Suugo Suqaar

Talking about Somalia cusine leaving Suugo Sugaar unmentioned it is a great mistake. This is among the best tastes you can never forget. This cuisine originally traced back over years past when many Somali families used to prepare it for breakfast in the morning.