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Somali – Cambuulo Iyo Maraq

Cambuulo Iyo Maraq is a cuisine from Somali with rice mixed with adzuki beans and a top up of tomato soup (maraq). Although is easy to prepare Cambuulo Iyo Maraq, still the meal takes some time to cook especially with adzuki beans.

Somalia – Maraq Digaag

Maraq Digaag is a cuisine of chicken soup from Somalia. This cuisine prepares chicken to a longer boiling time with spices, that mixes well with the meat and soup, resulting into a great and sweet taste.

Malawi – Kachumbari

Kachumbari is a vegetable-fruits mix salad dish from fresh tomato and onions as the main inset. Kachumbari in Malawi is highly supplied in fast food points than in restaurants due to the consumption number of customers taking fast foods around city road sites.

Uganda – Senene (Swenene) Stew

Senene are famous around bush places like Bugema where cultivation is a primary activity. Since senene are seasonal, it’s a tricky to get them easier anywhere in the world, instead people catch and make packages of fried senene that can stay for a longer time, many supermarkets do the same here in Uganda.

Somalia – Fuud Ari (Lamb Soup)

Lamb soup is among the loved cuisines in Somalia, simply because of the bread dominate foods that needs a soup to eat with. Lamb meat with bones inclusive is boiled under moderate heat with vegetables and spices to fully bring the Fuud Ari taste.

Somalia – Suugo Suqaar

Talking about Somalia cusine leaving Suugo Sugaar unmentioned it is a great mistake. This is among the best tastes you can never forget. This cuisine originally traced back over years past when many Somali families used to prepare it for breakfast in the morning.

Tanzania – Hehe Dog Soup

Hehe is among the famous tribe in the country, its famous goes with the history of chief Mtwa Mkwawa who fought intensively with the German colonial soldiers, hence won many fights. There was a secret meal that were given to him and his soldiers, today’s cuisine.

Tanzania – Wild Meat Roast

In Tanzania there are more than 120 tribes, but today we will focus to Sukuma tribe, one of the most dispersed tribe in the country. Sukuma people are well known as Agricultural tribe at large and will always consume natural foods, wild meat being among of it.

Malawi – Nthochi

Nthochi is a Bread made with mashed ripe Bananas at large. Mulanje and Kaluma are the most yielded bananas’ types in the areas of Tondama, Zambia, Nakauka, Khazanga and Wamng’ono in Malawi.