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Tanzania – Wali and Bamia Mix

Tanzania is a lovely country with a lot of tastes to give, among them are cuisines. Wali and Bamia mix is mostly prepared by Haya, Nyamwezi and Sukuma people settling in the north and central Tanzania. Wali means rice and Bamia means Okras in Swahili, sometimes the terms are applicable even in mother tongues languages.

Malawi – Phala la Mgaiwa

Malawi, is a Safari place to enjoy new moments, most of which is enjoyed in traditional dishes like the one we are up to. It is a country in southern Africa with many tribes like Chea and Yao, taking agriculture as a part in their huts life.

Somalia РNdolé (Bitterleaf) Soup

Somalia is another joy of African continent. It is a country with a lot of cuisines mostly prepared while reflecting Islamic culture. Ndole is a green leaf soup with a lot of ingredients, mostly meaty ingredients like soaked fish, prawns, nuts, dried meat and so on.

Malawi – Mkhwani

Not only in Malawi but all over the globe, pumpkins have been known for their significance in traditional medication as well as traditional dishes preparation.

Somalia – Iskudheh Karis

Iskudheh Karis is a known dish in Somalia prepared from the mix of rice and meat or chicken. For real this dish is a tasty one, try it and you won’t blame your buds for getting over your meal way to the dish.

Malawi – Mbatata

Mbatata in Malawi is another loved and delicious food in bite form, made from sweet potatoes and milk with butter mix, also eggs are added to flavor it.

Tanzania – Vibambara Stew

Tanzania is a country located in the eastern part of African continent. Tribes dealing with fishing activities are found near the lakes, rivers and oceans. Most people prepares Vibambara. Vibambara are sliced fish to make nealy equal two parts, smoke them to dry and store for a longer period of time..

Uganda – Senene (Swenene) Stew

Senene are famous around bush places like Bugema where cultivation is a primary activity. Since senene are seasonal, it’s a tricky to get them easier anywhere in the world, instead people catch and make packages of fried senene that can stay for a longer time, many supermarkets do the same here in Uganda.

Tanzania – Hehe Dog Soup

Hehe is among the famous tribe in the country, its famous goes with the history of chief Mtwa Mkwawa who fought intensively with the German colonial soldiers, hence won many fights. There was a secret meal that were given to him and his soldiers, today’s cuisine.

Malawi – Kachumbari

Kachumbari is a vegetable-fruits mix salad dish from fresh tomato and onions as the main inset. Kachumbari in Malawi is highly supplied in fast food points than in restaurants due to the consumption number of customers taking fast foods around city road sites.