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Tanzania – Papaya Roast

Tanzania is a blessed country as it has a lot to give and express. Apart from it’s delicious juice, have you ever wondered that unripe pawpaw may produce a wonderful vegetable taste! Sure it can. Kerewe people originating from Ukerewe Islands have the methods for this.

Ethiopia – Coconut Rice

Ethiopia is a country found East north of African continent, it is full of beautiful mountains at large.
Rice is a delicious meal to almost all of Africans simply because it is cultivated in most of the parts within Africa as well as Ethiopia.

Tanzania – Red Rice (Tomato Rice)

Red rice in Tanzania is among the best loved dishes, as it tests ones well cooking strategy. There is a say, “one rice piece, a thousand cooking styles”. The cuisine resembles to Jollof rice from Nigeria but this one is quite different, once you take it, you won’t regret it.

Senegal – Dibi

Dibi is a roasted meat usually on large, wood-fired grills, before being made for meal in small sized pieces. It is a most known food to be prepared in Senegal streets due to the point that it’s also a take away fast food.

Tanzania – Matembele

Matembele are green leaves, mostly like potato leaves but with narrow shape and a red color at its steam. They have been named as bloody grass because it’s a major role they play into our bodies, to support blood production within.