Entries by Kouemo Patricia Djougwa

Cameroon – Bamileke Sauce Jaune

This food is highly eaten by the bamilekes in the western region in Cameroon, there are many regions which the Bagante, Bafang, Bana and many others. Each of these regions and other regions in Cameroon has their own different ways of cooking sauce jaune.

Cameroon – Black Sauce With Plantains and White Sauce

Black sauce with plantains and white sauce is a meal of two extremes, white and black. The black sauce represents the black soil on which the inhabitants plant in order to have what to eat and the white sauce represents the white products they get after a hard and difficult time of planting. Black sauce with plantains and white sauce is prepared in the West region of Cameroon.

Cameroon – Pumpkin Leaves With Grinded Meat

Pumpki leaves with grinded meat is a vegan food that has a little bit of meat in it. What is special about this food is no other than the goodness it brings to the human body as a whole and more to this, it is very simple to cook. Pumpki leaves with grinded meat comes from Ndè in Cameroon.