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Pakistan, India – Malai Kofta

Malai kofta is a kind of simple kofta. This dish is also very popular in Pakistan and many other Asian counties because of its juicy and spicy taste. The main component of this dish is Kofta which is made up of chicken. Malai kofta is originated from India and also from Iran and Turkey. This dish got popular from the Indian subcontinent and also during the Mughal rule.

Pakistan, India – Sweet and Sour Pakoray

by Muhammad Reshaeel Introduction There are many local cuisine all over the world and in Asian countries. Today i comes up with a new recipe which is the new and unique version of pakoray. Pakoras are the local cuisine especially in Asian countries. Many people like this because of it’s crispy surface and delicious taste. […]

Pakistan – Chicken Burger

Chicken burger is a fast food in every country but it has become the most local cuisine in Pakistan and other Asian countries. This food is easy to make and in every street there are stalls which sell his burger.

Pakistan – Yakhni

This dish fights against many diseases and gives warmness to the body. Pakistan in the winter season comes to 1 degree which is very cold, so in this cold weather everyone urges to get the warm temperature and Yakhni gives you the strength to fight against the low temperature.