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Madagascar – Akoho Sy Voania

Akoho sy voania is also called Poulet Coco in Madagascar island. The island is located in the Indian Ocean on the south-east part of the African continent, simply off the coasts of East Africa. It is location is seen form the eastern part of Mozambique country.

Madagascar – Varenga

Madagascar is an island located on the western part of the African continent. Varenga is a traditional meat dish originating from Madagascar. Varenga is among the easiest cuisines to prepare as it follows few steps along it’s preparation.

Madagascar – Fried Chicken Rice

Fried rice may be the best option for some people when choosing a rice cuisine, but have you ever tried Madagascar one? This will leave your buds hotter than ever. Madagascar since it is an island, sea food is prominent, therefore fried rice may have some other kinds from chicken ones.

Ghana – Banku and Tilapia

Welcome to Ghana, deep within coastal areas where you will see with own eyes what is in the top picture, that is Banku and tilapia. This cuisine from Ghana is mostly prepared along the coastal areas where Tilapia are easily found. Banku is none other but a stiff porridge prepared with Corn flour mixed with Cassava flour.

Madagascar – Kedgeree

Kedgeree is another taste to try when you visit Madagascar. Madagascar is an island they you can fly to. Kedgeree cuisine combines rice with smoked haddock at large as well as other ingredients to give a unique taste.

Madagascar – Mofo Gasy

Mofo gasy is the Malagasy pancakes made of rice. They are mostly cooked along the streets and sold at very cheap price. The restaurants ones, they are not that cheap either.

Ghana – Red Red

In Ghana Red Red cuisine is among the dishes that indicates Ghana traditional way of eating. Is the lasting among the traditional dishes and loved by almost everyone in the country.

Madagascar – Mofo-anana

Mofo anana are two words in Madagascar local language that holds the meaning of bread and leafy greens respectively. These snacks are easily found almost in every part on the island of Madagascar.