Entries by Mabimbi Don

Malawi – Zitumbuwa

Zitumbuwa is generally prepared from banana and maize flour, it is among the best dishes found in Malawi country, and it is prepared traditionally, but we will use our modern tools to make it, Welcome as we prepare our Cuisine.

South Africa – Chicken Biltong

Biltong are very famous bites in South Africa made from dried sliced meat. They are characterized by air dry with lemon, sugar, salt, pepper and other flavours to preserve taste and lower fats percent from it. It is traced from the abroads but still holds it’s value through the traditional way of drying meat for longer last.

Kenya – Fish Mseto

Among the people who prefer natural foods are those living in Kenya, Luo people. Kenya is a country found in eastern Africa bordering lake Victoria in the northern part.

Kenya – Red Ugali (Stiff Porridge)

Kenyan people do like Ugali, a stiff porridge. In Kenya if one prepare a ceremony without Ugali, they count it as a wastage of time, that is to mean Ugali is the best loved and respected meal in the country.

Ghana – Waakye

From the city of Accra, Waakye has been used largely for a meal, as lunch and dinner. The cuisine comprises of the mixture rice with beans, cooked to give a traditional taste of the mix.